Yvonne Goerlitz at the Agile Beyond IT

"CO2OLe products - Carrier makes agile" - this is the title of the session by Gudrun Krüger, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, & Yvonne Görlitz, KEGON AG. They report on their shared experiences of agile transformation. Real hands-on experience from the environment of agile practices in hardware product development.

For several years, Carrier Refrigeration at RDC Mainz has been working with agile methods in the development of refrigerated cabinets. In the process, they have encountered and eliminated numerous stumbling blocks.

Gudrun Krüger, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, & Yvonne Görlitz, KEGON AG, share their experiences with agile transformation:

As part of a large corporation (UTC), we are subject to a large number of guidelines and processes with rigid milestones. Despite the requirements, where are the possibilities to significantly shorten the product development time and to avoid undesirable developments through early feedback? How do we translate our traditional roles of Technical Project Manager and Marketing Program Manager into the agile world?
How can we better integrate the customer into our product development and thereby better understand them?
Where are my increments? What is a potentially deliverable product that I can make available to the customer after a few weeks?
How do we staff the cross-functional teams of the different projects, where specialists are needed in each project?
Can the agile manifesto, which is indispensable in SW development, simply be transferred to our traditionally grown company? What help does the formulation of agile principles offer?
Agile way of working vs. agile mindset - why doesn't it work to apply the same agile way of working to all projects, but how do we still benefit from the agile mindset?
We have mastered many of them, we are still learning some of them, but one thing we have already learned: Iterative, incremental product development also works for refrigeration systems!

What will the audience learn in the lecture?

Genuine practical experience from the field of agile practices in hardware product development.

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