Charlize Vogelsinger

Senior Consultant

Tel +41 43 543 22 60

Curriculum Vitae

Charlize Vogelsinger has been working in various roles since 2006, such as Software Engineer, Product Manager and Agile Coach in-ternational. At the beginning of 2013, after 12 adventurous months in Australia, she moved her life to Switzerland. Her professional focus today is the support and coaching of (software development) teams, team of teams (scaled agility in larger organizations) and their management personalities. 

Charlize truly lives "Agile" from the inside out. She is not a method coach; where Charlize is at work, a special new atmosphere of clarity and cordiality is created, characterized by courage, trust and belonging. This uplifting environment is not created by chance, but through the use of state-of-the-art approaches from NeuroScience and Conversational Intelligence®.

"To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture,
 which depends on the quality of the relationships, 
which depends on the quality of the conversations." 
Judith E. Glaser, Conversational Intelligence®

Charlize is extremely curious, rebellious and makes the invisible visible. Respectfully and with the attitude of a Conversational Intelligence® coach, she addresses challenges and knows how to use her "badass" skills with heart and soul. From Charlize, you can expect her to create a trusting, co-creative environment and together you will elevate your magnificence to the next level.

Knowledge and Topics

  • Agile Coaching for Teams and Team of Teams
  • Coaching of agile Methods and Procedures
  • Process Analysis and Improvement
  • Trainer for Business Process Analysis & Modeling
  • Trainer for Visual Facilitation

Project experiences (selection)

Agile coaching in a Swiss insurance company

  • Coaching of individuals in their SAFe® roles
  • Implementation of PI planning
  • Moderation of workshops: PI Planning, Inspect & Adapt, Sprint Ceremonies, Prioritization of the Epics, Refinements
  • Team "Entrepreneurship" strengthening
  • Conflict Management & Role Clarification
  • Support in content preparations of the PI Plannings
  • Creation of Communities of Practice (CoP)

SAFe® PI Planning Accompaniment

  • PI Planning as agile coach
  • Support RTE Development
  • Visualization to explain and promote agility

From idea to reality: development, design and creation of a sketch note to explain and promote the understanding of lean agile values, principles and the strategy of the customer

SAFe® PI Planning (Preparation/Coaching)

  • Workshop for the introduction of SAFe®PO/PM Coaching
  • Working with the customer in the team Setup
  • Preparation of the Epics & Features
  • Health Check of the backlogs & training courses

Trainer for Agile RE

  • Health Check of the backlogs
  • Observer in the refinements
  • Derivation of improvement actions
  • Training for Scrum Masters, POs, PMs, Business Analysts, Architects