Curriculum Vitae

Delia has been on board at KEGON Switzerland since 2020 and looks back on many years of marketing & copywriting experience, which she has gained on both the company and client side. 

As Internal Services Manager, she is responsible for online marketing and is in charge of the KEGON Switzerland website. Her main concern is to understand the customer and his needs and to provide him with relevant and helpful content via the various channels - be it on the website or through social media. 

Delia is also responsible for the management of all sales activities and among other things she supports the development of the KEGON Switzerland Academy. Furthermore, she organizes all KEGON Switzerland events and coordinates the trainings. 

She first encountered the topics of agility and organizational development in the professional context at KEGON Switzerland, but also feels very familiar with them thanks to her training as a life coach. Delia feels very comfortable in the KEGON team and is looking forward every day anew to bring in her experiences in a profitable way. 

Delia writes heart-warming short stories for children and always puts her foot down!