Herbert Klingels

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum vitae

Herbert Klingels is a communications electronics engineer. Since 1988 he has worked as a consultant for communication technologies and information processing. His professional career has taken him to various international consulting and development companies. As co-founder, he has been a partner since the beginning of 2002 and was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KEGON AG until the end of 2016. His professional activities focus on the development and implementation of IT strategies at the interface between development and operation. In addition, Herbert has extensive experience in project and program management. Within the scope of his activities, he was also responsible for infrastructure development and product development in the telecommunications environment.

Knowledge and focus areas

  • Project management
  • Software architectures
  • IT operations

Project Experiences (Selection)

Release Train Launch

  • Drawing a feasibility sketch and preparing a roadmap and backlogs
  • Prepare and train the ART members
  • Prepare and conduct the planning meetings, establish the control and communication structures
  • Coaching the roles: RTE, Product Management, Scrum Master, Product Owner

Big Room Planning

  • Drawing a blueprint for the event on the basis of SAFe PI Planning
  • Support in the preparation of the event
  • Training and instruction of the agile roles for the event
  • Coaching of the roles before and during the events

Software house Healthcare (Germany)

  • Project management

Reimplementation of a payment transaction module for a billing/administration system for the statutory healthcare system

  • Reconception of the module with an analysis team
  • Building and management of two cross-functional Scrum Teams


  • BPMN


  • JAVA
  • DB/2

Softwarewarehouse Healthcare (Germany)

  • Agilisation of a development organisation
  • Analysis of the existing processes, especially the interaction of approx. 10 development teams, quality assurance processes, maintenance and deployment processes
  • Conception of the future maintenance and development processes
  • Planning and support of the transition phases

Softwarewarehouse Healthcare (Germany)

  • Project management (average management)
  • Data migration/introduction

Billing system in healthcare

  • Analysis and new conception of the migration strategy and procedure models
  • Construction and organisation of the migration team
  • Migration control
  • Development and planning of the implementation strategy
  • Coordination with the responsible departments
  • Organisation of the implementation


  • Pentaho PDI
  • JAVA

Newspaper Agency (Germany)

  • Optimisation of the sourcing strategy Web systems
  • Conception Procedure
  • Consolidation and documentation of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Selection of potential service providers
  • Accompaniment of the bidding process
  • Support in the evaluation and selection process