Silke Kainzbauer

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae 

Silke Kainzbauer has been working in the field of change management for over 20 years as a con-sultant in large transformation projects, more than 10 years of which were in agile environ-ments.
The focus of her work is agile organizational de-velopment, especially the constructive handling of increasing complexity, which she implements primarily in scaled agile large projects (Large Solutions). 
As a graduate psychologist, she has a strong sys-temic focus and supports people in finding an-swers to current challenges and breaking new ground in change processes. 
Among other things, she holds a Master of Busi-ness Administration and is, among other qualifica-tions, SAFe 5 Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT), accredited Kanban Trainer (KU) and Agility Health Facilitator.

Knowledge and focus of topics

  • Agile organizational development
  • Agile executive development
  • Lean-Agile Transformation in Large Solutions

Project experiences (selection)

Agile Transformation in an international medium-sized medical technology company

  • Workshop to select the appropriate agile scaling framework
  • Workshops for Leading SAFe and SAFe Executives
  • Value stream analysis

Agile Transformation in a large international medical technology company

  • Preparation and introduction of agile release trains
  • Support for continuous improvement of agile release trains (I&A sessions, CoP)
  • Development of kanban boards (portfolio, CoP, Teams)
  • Coaching of executives
  • Coaching of agile roles
  • Workshops on Leading SAFe and SAFe Executives

Agile Transformation in a large public transport company

  • Senior Consultant for Value Stream Analysis
  • Preparation and introduction of agile Release Trains
  • Development of the portfolio Kanban Boards
  • Coaching of executives
  • Coaching of agile roles
  • Implementation of an empowering concept for continuous self-development
  • Selection Workshop

Agile team development and development of self-organized corporate structure

  • Coaching
  • Conception and implementation of self-developing training and collaboration methods

Building up the trainee program of an international management consultancy

  • Conducting the trainee program
  • Conducting the training development
  • Conception and implementation of a train-the-trainer program
  • Coaching