KEGON Lean Coffee

Exchange and discussion on agile topics

The KEGON Lean Coffee is a structured exchange that takes place approximately every two months in the coffee kitchen of the virtual villa via Zoom with people from the KEGON network on a specific topic selected by KEGON (in the past e.g. PO/PM Coaching, People Lead or Lean Portfolio Management). There is no predefined agenda, everyone can contribute questions. The group discusses one question at a time over a limited period of time.

In addition to the moderators, one or two KEGON experts on the chosen topic take part.

Do you have a topic that you would like to bring up and discuss in this format? Then write to us. We look forward to receiving your email: leancoffe(at)

2024: May, 17th Agile Mindset – What is meant by that?

2024: April, 29th – Traditional approaches to disciplinary management in transition

2024: March, 21st RTEs advise RTEs

2024: February, 28th – Lean Portfolio Management

2024: January, 18th – RTEs advise RTEs

2023: November, 11th – RTEs advise RTEs 

2023: November, 3rd – AI in SAFe

2023: September, 22th – Help, I'm starting an ART!

2023: March, 20th – "New SAFe® Version: KEGON Lean Coffee SPECIAL"

2023: March.17th – "When the Agile Transformation stalls ..."

2023: January, 27th – Agility in public authorities

2022: September, 16th – Metrics and KPIs in Lean-Agile organisations

2022: July, 8th  – SAFe Business Owner

2022: May, 5th – Lean Portfolio Management

2022: March, 18th – Scrum Master

2022: February, 11th – People Lead

2022: January, 21st – PM/PO Coaching

2021: November, 12th – Agile Leadership

2021: September, 10th – RTE topics in focus

2021: June, 25th – Agility

Next Dates

June 6, 2024
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Topic: RTEs advise RTEs

June 18, 2024
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Topic: What does the Architect do in SAFe®?

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