Agile Organization Financial Services

Restructuring of the IT organization of a large banking house

Customer: Restructuring of the IT organisation of a large bank.
Teams are to move away from the classic project idea and towards agility by assuming personal responsibility.

Initial situation:
The customer wants to make the IT organisation agile throughout the group. To this end, an optimal, cross-functional, autonomous team structure is to be established.

The KEGON solution:
The employees develop the new team structure in self-selection workshops. In the workshops, the employees assign themselves to cross-functional teams on the basis of the formulated product vision, which promote agile work. The new, stable team structure results in higher team performance, since strenuous team building phases do not have to be completed with every project order.
The composition of the new cross-functional teams is the responsibility of the employees themselves, as a first learning step. The new form of personal responsibility influences the motivation of the employees and last but not least the performance.