Large Solutions in SAFe® – Practical Tips from the Field

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02.07.2021  -
Paris ,
750 EUR
650 EUR    1
Wolfgang Brandhuber
17.09.2021  -
Paris ,
750 EUR
650 EUR    1
Wolfgang Brandhuber
18.11.2021  -
Wiesbaden ,
750 EUR
650 EUR    1
Wolfgang Brandhuber
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This 1-day training aims to build a deeper understanding of the requirements of coordinating multiple Agile Release Trains in a Large Solution. What are the implications for organizational development? Which  field-proven methods exist to manage this complexity?

Based on our practical experiences with large agile transformations each with multiple agile release trains, we have developed several tools to develop solution trains based step by step based on SAFe® but going beyond the current framework.

The participants gain a well-founded understanding in how to deal with the existing complexity in the context of their transformations and concrete tools which they can use immediately in their daily transformation routine.

Learning Goals: 
- Desing and use of Solution Boards
- Solution Areas and Solution Area Boards
- Tribal Agility
- Refinement Crews
- Design and use of Capability Models and Agile Maturity Models
- Tools for lean and fast transformation
- The importance of Psychological Safety in large solutions

Since we discuss the complex challenges and solution approaches in large scaled transformations very intensively in this course, 
profound SAFe® knowledge, as they are instructed in Leading SAFe®,  is mandatory for the participants.

Target Group of this Building Large Solutions in SAFe® training: 

  • LACE Team
  • STE, STM
  •  RTE, PM
  • Scrum Master, POs
  • Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, System Architects
  • SPCs and Agile Coaches

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