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SAFe® Trainings Remote

As "First Mover" for SAFe® in Europe, KEGON conducted the first 'Implementing SAFe' Remote training. All SAFe® trainings are now being offered remotely. Find out how the trainings work, learn about the technology and the experiences of the first participants.

Work Together Anywhere

Collaboration Superpowers - Increase the sense of belonging in your remote team by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace. Take advantage of the many years of experience of our facilitators, get started now.

Agile Remote 

Developing organizational and team skills with "Agile Moves" is the main focus of this remote training. Agile Remote Moves offer a structured way to collectively find special "moves" individually adapted to the company.


Simple, flexible, personal! With Agile Mini Coaching using remote techniques, you can find answers to your specific questions concerning scaled agility fast and easily. KEGON has been accompanying companies and corporations with impulses and ideas for years.

Your preparation:

Please consider the individual requirements for the different offers.

Instruments & Tools: We are leaving our beloved Post-Its and flipcharts behind and are entering digital working worlds. Besides a stable internet connection, a quiet environment and a modern laptop/PC with webcam incl. a good microphone, you also need access to the digital tools and channels used. Please make sure that you have the necessary permissions to download software to your device (KEGON will purchase the  required licenses). An overview of the tools used can be found in the respective offer.

In order to keep your learning success and satisfaction in mind, we will do a retrospective with you after each sequence - in the agile sense - and make suggestions for improvement. If you would like to join us for this exciting experiment and sniff the digital training air, please register.  

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