Agile Remote Moves

Agile Remote Moves - Basics for virtual team work

Small Moves - big development  

Agile Moves is a learning method developed from agile tools. When working with Moves, you learn to think agile and at the same time to organize your own work or work processes within your team in a self-organized way. The remote option Agile Remote Moves offers a structured way to develop virtual organization and team skills adapted to your company. 

These Agile Remote Moves are divided into 6 modules, which can be booked individually or as a package.

The magic behind a Move is that you cannot predict the outcome...

What to expect:

In this course, we cover six basic challenges that arise when introducing a remote team. In each module (120 min each) we focus on one key question:

Each module stands on its own and can be booked individually, combined with other modules or as a complete package. The transition to virtual teamwork as well as the development of a continuous improvement process is facilitated by many techniques and Move examples. Since the course is held in remotely, the Agile Remote Moves are directly applied and trained. Therefore they can be seamlessly transferred into the daily work routine.

The 6 Modules:

Module 1 
How can we perform our everyday tasks virtually?

Module 2
How do we establish a remote feedback culture?

Module 3
How can we build and maintain motivation and team spirit?

Module 4
How do successful remote Meetings work? What rules and principles do they support?

Module 5
How can a virtual retrospective take place?

Module 6
What elements do we need to continuously develop?

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