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Collaboration Superpowers - Work Together Anywhere Workshop!

Increase the sense of belonging in your remote team by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace.

There's more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. In order to create a collaborative workspace online, we need to focus on several things to combat the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality and strengthen the team spirit. In this workshop we will explore how to improve online collaboration, what tools and techniques are used to build trust and how to increase companionship in the virtual workplace.

Collaboration Superpowers:

The purpose of Collaboration Superpowers is to provide individuals, teams, managers and owners with a roadmap on how to collaborate successfully anywhere. KEGON is one of the few providers of the Work Together Anywhere workshop in German language.

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We focus on: 

  • Best practices and tools for seamless online collaboration.
  • Ways to combat the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.
  • Simple tips for increasing companionship and team collaboration on the Internet.
  • The workshop consists of four two-hour modules, typically taught over several days. More on the workshop here

The 4 Modules:

Module 1 - Expectations for cooperation:
Avoid misunderstandings and define generally accepted behaviours on how your team wants to work together.
Module 2 - Online collaboration:
Increase the feeling of togetherness in your remote team by creating a productive and pleasant virtual workspace.
Module 3 - Moderate online meetings like a pro:
Learn how to organize and conduct virtual team meetings to get the best possible collaboration and interaction from your team.
Module 4 - Feedback, appreciation and celebrating together:
Learn how to give and receive feedback on both small and large topics to stimulate continuous improvement.
The Work Together Anywhere workshop lays the foundation for building a true team culture and successful collaboration in virtual teams.

The Collobaration Superpowers Facilitator

Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber

Management Berater

Silke Kainzbauer

Management Berater

Felix Rüssel

Management Berater

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