Our trainers

Our trainers live their jobs and and continue to develop themselves. They’re motivated to deliver great training, which means that they aim to enable you for the long term, rather than just getting through all the examination materials.

Florian Beck

Andreas Becker

Stefan Becker

Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber

Ulrich Brawand

Dr. Michael Diefenbach

Klaus Fricke

Sebastian Friedsam

Frederic Gerome

Rachel Gibson

Dr. Yvonne Görlitz

Luke Hohmann

Dr. René Hussong

Klaus-Dieter Jäger

Michaela Jäger

Dr. Thorsten Janning

Jörg Jungermann

Nikoloas Kaintantzis

Silke Kainzbauer

Reiner Kuhn

Christoph Mair

Manuel Marsch

Facher Qader

Mark Rehberg

Claus Rothenburg

Felix Rüssel

Christoph Schmiedt

Andreas Selter

Carl Starendal

Konrad Swistelnicki

Marco Tommasone

Thomas van Aken

Joe Vallone

Peter Vollmer

Markus Wissekal

Oliver Wörl