Markus Wissekal

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Markus Wissekal is an experienced agile coach, trainer and mentor who puts the fun and motivation of his team members in the foreground, even in a time and cost driven environment. This makes it possible for his teams to generate the greatest possible benefit for his customers. As an interface to other departments/stakeholders, he serves as well in the agilisation of new parts of companies as in the training and coaching of new (partly international) employees. Since 2008 Markus has been fascinated by the results and cooperation of his cross-functional teams. Our environment is changing faster than ever before, which is why he has extended his knowledge and experience to many approaches (Kanban, Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup) to positively influence the working environment of his employees. In all his actions, it is important for him to live the agile values and to communicate them to his colleagues with the necessary pragmatism.