Virtual PI Planning Workshop (2 h)

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Training contents:

PI Planning as a big room event is the most important element of a SAFe implementation. It is based on direct communication between all participants who are present for two days. Due to the corona crisis, this event can no longer be held in this form, however, in many companies it now takes place completely virtually or "dispersed", whereby each participant attends from a different location. This places high demands on the technology, methodology and skills of the participants. In this 2-hour online training course, you will learn from experienced experts which adjustments need to be made to your preparation, infrastructure, roles and agenda to ensure that Virtual PI planning is successful.
During the training, experienced SAFe experts will demonstrate proven practices and provide many tips for the Virtual PI Planning format. There will be an opportunity for discussion with other participants, as the practices often have to be adapted to the organizational framework of a company.

Learning objective:

After the 2-hour workshop, participants will have an overview of the changed requirements for people, technology and organization of a Virtual PI Planning Event. Concrete, practical solutions will be taught, which the participants will be able to put into practice afterwards.

Subject areas:

•    What are the special challenges of Virtual PI Planning for the organization, participants and organizers?
•    Which categories of software tools are necessary and how are they successfully used?
•    How do the formats of individual elements of PI planning need to be adapted for the "remote" and "dispersed" approach?
•    Which additional roles should be established?
•    What are the typical challenges during the first implementation and how to deal with them?
•    What are the advantages of Virtual PI Planning compared to traditional on-site PI Planning?
•    Further practical tips and experiences from the first implementations of Virtual PI Planning events.

The workshop is aimed at Release Train Engineers, Solution Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, SAFe Program Consultants and Agile Coaches who already use the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

  • Have attended a SAFe training course, along with the corresponding certification (Implementing SAFe, Leading  SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe PO/PM, SAFe for Teams)

  • Good knowledge and active participation in at least one PI Planning of an Agile Release Train. An understanding of the elements and procedure of normal PI Planning is required.

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