European SAFe® Summit 2020

European SAFe® Summit

11 + 12 June 2020: The first virtual SAFe® Summit was very exciting for all of us. Thank you for the great feedback of the participants on our talks of the KEGON speakers and the customer stories of our customers. We are happy about the new contacts from our booth, who especially commented positively on our unusual self-portrayal. 

And we're a part of it:
KEGON - First Mover for SAFe® in Europe
1st Scaled Agile Gold Partner in Germany

June 11th - the second day of the European SAFe® Summit

For us, the day started again in the virtual KEGON zoom villa, before the presentations of KEGON speakers and customers started. 

11:55 - KEGON Speakers 
Our Top 10 Most Annoying, Insane, Successful, Shocking and Best SAFe Implementation experiences
Kurt Jäger, Veronika Etz 

12:40 - KEGON Speakers  
Value Stream and ARTs identification Workshops in Large Solutions
 Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber, Silke Kainzbauer

13:35 - Customer Story Siemens  
SAFe® Implementation for Large Cyberphysical Medical Devices
Robert Kochseder, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Marc Beckmann, Siemens Healthcare GmbH 

June 10th - the first day of the European SAFe® Summit

Excited we start in the virtual KEGON zoom villa before the presentations of KEGON speakers and customers. 

11:00 - Customer Story Telekom IT  
First Impressions from Implementing SAFe® at a Big German Telco Provider

Volkhard Kantner, Telekom IT GmbH, Ralf Difflipp, Telekom IT GmbH 

11:55 - KEGON Speaker 
The Seven Deadly Sins of Portfolio Management

Nikolaos Kaintantzis 

14:20 - KEGON Speakers 
Create the Spirit of Big Room Events at the Large Solution and Portfolio Levels

Dr. Thorsten Janning, Caroline Schmidt

Our Speaker

Lottery from the booth: Congratulation to the winner

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