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What goes through your mind when you think about consulting companies?

Let's put it briefly: KEGON is different! We don't aim to deploy a host of consultants to our clients and "look after" them for as long, and as profitably, as possible. Instead, we focus on the principle of helping people to help themselves and want to achieve the maximum effect through targeted consulting assignments. Our aim is to quickly enable our clients to become self-sufficient, so that they can further develop their organizations without consultants. We see ourselves as temporary coaches, working alongside our clients; we work and communicate as peers, support with both our methodical knowledge and our many years of practical experience and we learn together. 

Our Expertise: Scaled Agility

Companies find that their traditional process methods can no longer cope with increasingly dynamic markets and customer needs. Especially in large companies, with many hundreds or even thousands of employees, hierarchical organizations are no longer able to cope with the new complexity and the pressure to innovate. It has been proven many times that agile teams are successful in this challenging environment.

However, the agile transformation of an entire company with solidified structures, silo thinking and rigid hierarchies is much more complex than simply using agile methods or scaled agile frameworks. These form the necessary tools for success, but that is all. We master this tool, possessing the highest Scaled Agile Framework certifications and working internationally on its further development.

Critical success factors in successful agile transformations at large companies are the corporate culture and the people associated with it – both those in leadership and those with specialist responsibilities. A culture that welcomes dynamic change arises from an open-minded inner attitude and requires the willingness to work on oneself - especially in those areas where it hurts the most.

We often see the phenomenon that companies are convinced that they are "already agile" and yet the agile values and principles have not yet been established in the organizational culture. And this is where our strength lies. We accompany you on your journey to becoming an agile company. We analyze your specific strengths and weaknesses using our tools and experience, advise you on the potential options and risks of an agile transformation and develop a tailor-made transition strategy and roadmap. Read more about scaled agility here.


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