Customer Feedback

Name: Maria Thiele

Company: gematik GmbH

Subject: Leading SAFe® Remote 17.07.-19.07.2023

Hello dear trainers, 
thank you very much for the link collection and training! 
I have taken some suggestions for our SAFe configuration ;-) 
Best regards and all the best 

Name: Miriam Rohkst

Company: Atruvia AG

Job: Agile Coach

Subject: RTE Training 2022 - remote

Name: Participant feedback

Subject: Agile basics for authorities Training alpha-class on 27.10.2021

Many thanks to the participants for the great feedback for the Agile Basics Training with Max Weiß-Achenbach.

Name: Simon Kienzle

Job: Agile Coach

Subject: SPC Training Remote

Name: Burkhard Schmidt

Job: Agile Coach, SPC

Subject: RTE Training Remote

Name: ROTI

Subject: POPM Training with Heike and Stefan

Name: Training-Feedback at the Miroboard

Subject: Leading SAFe Training with Felix and Florian

Name: Johannes Blersch

Company:  Advantest Europe GmbH

Job: Scrum Master

Subject: Leading SAFe at Advantest (Inhouse-Training)

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you again for perfectly responding to our feedback and for finding a very good balance between teaching theory, exercises, case studies and discussions.

Name: Christoph B.

Subject: Leading SAFe May 2020 Remote

I just passed the exam with 91%. This result, of course, speaks for you – it was a great course with lots of tips!!

Name: Oliver S.)

Subject: SAFe for Architects 5.1 – 12.-15.12.2022

Mail to trainer Manuel Marsch

... thank you again for the great course.
It was one of the best trainings I have done and you made it easy to stick with it over the 4 days.

Name: Participant feedback

Subject: Agile basics and methods Training on 18.02.22

Many thanks to the participants for the great feedback on the Agile Basics Training with Manuel Marsch and Marc Bauer.

Name: Participant feedback

Subject: Implementing SAFe 17.-21.01.22

Thank you for the feedback, SPC training with Niko Kaintanzis and Felix Rüssel.

Name: Markus Wietfeld

Company: MGS Meine-Gesundheit-Services GmbH

Job: Agile Master / Release Train E

Subject: Thank You

Dear Kurt, 
I would like to thank you very much for your great support this year - especially for your spontaneous, competent and pragmatic assistance in connection with the SAFe methodology and the use of modern media. 

For me as an RTE at Meine Gesundheit Services GmbH, your tips were immediately applicable: e.g. a PI Planning planned in April with about 100 participants using ZOOM and MIRO was still feasible with great success.  In the meantime, it has become a proven standard. Great.      
I am looking forward to further demanding challenges in the agile environment.
See you soon

Name: Jeff Smith

Company: Impactwater

Subject: Global SAFe Summit: SPCT Coaching Zone

My sincere thank you for such a catalytic coaching time.  A-ma-zing!  

You bring deep experience and an organic, natural servant-approach to your coaching.  Much appreciated.  Your clients/customers/team members are very, very lucky to have your leadership and mentorship!

I will have to spend some time reviewing all of my notes and synthesize the info as I plan what to do and when on my Continuous Improvement Kanban.  

Great, relevant coaching and timely!

Thank you for the generosity of your time.  

Please let me know how I might be able to assist you in some way. If you ever find yourself in Texas or San Antonio, please let me know...

 My thankfulness,


Name: Wolfgang F.

Company: Embedded Industrie

Job: Quality Management Processes

Subject: Feedback on the SAFe training

Hello Thorsten & Caro, 

thanks for your suuuuper job! Keep up the good work! 
You did a great job. 

I am looking forward to the next steps!