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May 15, 2024, 2 pm

7th ASQF Net Week: How wrong architecture decisions can massively hinder or even jeopardize the success of a product...

On June 3rd, 14:00 - 14:45 CEST, join former developer, agile coach and management consultant Manuel Marsch on an exciting journey through the world of software development. In his entertaining presentation, Marsch will show you how to master the challenges of modern product development. Learn how "architecture" will not only be a part of modern software development in 2024, but an intuitive thought process. Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and valuable tips!

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June 18, 2024, 8:30 - 12:30 CEST


SAFe® Leadership Retreat

Our half-day executive workshop with Dr. René Hussong and Malte Kumlehn will help you implement better decision-making, steering and governance processes for your SAP® Delivery – from strategy to operations, with business agility.

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June 27, 2024

Wiesbaden, Germany


Are you an RTE, STE or experienced Scrum Master in the SAFe environment and want to exchange ideas with like-minded people?

Come along and benefit from our experienced trainers and the experiences of other participants.

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Venue: Headquarters of //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH, Luisenstraße 37-39, 65185 Wiesbaden. 

July 09, 2024

Wiesbaden, Germany

Implementation Flow Network
"Automotive Day"

Immerse yourself in the world of Lean-Agile in the automotive industry! Discover innovative solutions and network with like-minded people at 'Automotive Day' powered by Implementation Flow Network at the headquarters of //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH on July 09, 2024. Further information and tickets.

August 28-30, 2024

Budapest, Hungary

AGILE Lean Europe 2024

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) 2024 shows new ways for agile working and lean management! From 28 to 30 August 2024, experts will meet in Budapest to exchange ideas and network. This year, KEGON AG is also supporting Agile Lean Europe 2024 in Budapest. The ALE unconference, organised by volunteers from all over Europe, promotes cross-border exchange and offers the opportunity to learn from a variety of perspectives. Take the opportunity to become part of a growing network dedicated to spreading and deepening Agile and Lean principles.

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September 12, 2024
Wien, Austria

Agile Tour Vienna 2024

Vienna's leading agile community conference

The Agile Tour Vienna has already impressed with successful open-air events in the last years. The perfect balance between international agile experts, practitioners from the local community and, of course, anyone interested in agile working. KEGON is once again a sponsor this year. KEGON Austria will be represented by Csaba Eisenbacher. More information and tickets at

September 19, 2024

Zurich, Switzerland

SAFe® Leadership Forum - the Swiss Conference

After the successful event in 2023, KEGON SWITZERLAND is planning the SAFe® Leadership Forum again this year in cooperation with SAI, Scaled Agile Inc. Register now for the sensational early bird discount "Blind Bird" until May 31, 2024. Does that sound interesting to you? Further information at

May 15, 2024, 2 pm

Agile PEP Minds 2024

The event on agility in the manufacturing industry and in mechanical and plant engineering.

For the 11th time, more than 150 experts from the fields of product, process and project management will meet in Berlin to discuss the introduction of agile methods, organisational development and new ways of agile transformation in the manufacturing industry and in mechanical and plant engineering. KEGON will also be there as a partner with experts.

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Past events

May 15, 2024, 2 pm

Overcoming Participatory Budgeting Constraints

Join our webinar on Participatory Budgeting (PB) in the context of Lean Portfolio Management. SPCT Nikolaos Kaintantzis, co-author of the article "Participatory Budgeting: Understanding Colour of Money and Other Constraints", presents strategies to use PB effectively. Learn how PB transforms portfolio budgets despite geographic and legal constraints, how to design PB forums and how to expand PB in different organisations. This webinar offers deep insights into PB and its potential. 

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09 April 2024

Fireside Chat: SAFe® SAP® Leadership Dialog

With this interactive format for invited guests, we would like to encourage the personal exchange of experiences. Attendees will gain insights into how the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG) and other companies are mastering their SAP S/4HANA business transformations. In the following discussion rounds, those aspects that are particularly relevant to the participants and their organizations can then be discussed.

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08 – 11 April 2024


The SAFe® Community meets
in Berlin

Following the successful Global SAFe® Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, we are pleased to announce that preparations for the European SAFe® Summit are in full swing! KEGON will also participate in the 2024 event as a sponsor and is looking forward to the upcoming event. We are also pleased to have our partner Seibert Media in Berlin at our side. The full programme will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

14 March 2024


Women in Tech Night
The Event by Women for Women

Discover inspiring role models and experiences of women in technical professions at the Women in Tech Night '24. Many great speakers from different fields will give insights into the challenges and opportunities for women! 
Where? Headquarter //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH
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22 February 2024


Agile FORUM in Budapest

Discover the future of agile methods with the following main topics at the Agile Forum in Budapest: Agile Cloud Operations, international perspectives, SAFe, predictability through flow metrics, teamwork, KPI vs. OKR and agile leadership in one event. The event is aimed at both business decision-makers and IT managers.
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15 February 2024, 6 pm


Why Tesla became the most agile company in the world thanks to AI!

The presentation by Kurt Jäger, SPCT, will explain Tesla's company-wide approach and show how the company works successfully with artificial intelligence. Traditional and agile management is largely being replaced by AI. How does that work?

Venue:  //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH, Luisenstraße 37-39, Wiesbaden

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07 February 2024


Agile Transformation - Build from Scratch or Use Off-the-Shelf SAFe Elements?

Agile and transformation practitioners Konrad Świstelnicki and Alexander Solecki will take you on their journey through organizational transformation. They will talk about their experiences and provide insights into transformation paths.

Organizer: KEGON Poland, RETHINK - Digital Business Design, Warsaw

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06 + 07 February 2024


RTE Summit in NYC

This year's RTE Summit promises to be a dynamic event. It will take place in the heart of the vibrant city of New York. The event for Relase Train Engineers presents renowned speakers from all over the SAFe® world. KEGON is also on its way to the "Big Apple". Niko Kaintantzis, SPCT, Kurt Jäger, SPCT, and Ralf Difflipp will be there to make their contribution.



26.-28.11.23 Agile.SDV Europe, Berlin

Top level networking meets concentrated expertise:
This event focuses on agility in the automotive industry. How to apply agile methods, principles and develop agile organisational structures to speed up product developments as well as launches, so the industry can reduce development times, costs and thus stay competitive and meet customers’ needs as well as requirements. Kurt Jäger's Talk entitled "Why Tesla became the world's most agile company through AI" fits exactly into this.

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09 November 23


09 November 23, 5 – 8 p.m.
Innovation Games Night

Whether you are a founder, student, interested in tech and start-ups, freelancer or simply want to try something new and meet cool people - here you will find the opportunity to combine innovation and fun.
What awaits you: Interactive games, networking with like-minded people, fun and teamwork, Agile and IT

Where? Seibert Media Headquarter, Luisenstr. 37-39, 65185 Wiesbaden
Secure your participation (free of charge) under the following link:

02 + 03 November 23


02.11. + 03.11.23 

Change Congress 23

Motto "Shifted Reality: Everything remains different"

Experience the rapid change of our time. Artificial intelligence, geopolitical shifts and sustainability requirements are shaping the new reality for businesses. Standing still is not an option. Enter an era of upheaval and new ways of thinking!

Our management consultants Florian Beck and Dr Thorsten Janning will be with us with the presentation: Storm ahead! How the digital revolution is changing the captain's everyday life!

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SAFe® Leadership Forum -  the Swiss Conference

Great news from Zurich! We - KEGON SWITZERLAND - in cooperation with SAI, Scaled Agile Inc.® are organising the SAFe® Leadership Forum on 27 September 2023 in Zurich. The Swiss conference for Scaled Agility with SAFe. From Agilists for Agilists.

What can you expect? The Scaled Agile Framework meets numerous, successful companies in Switzerland that are focusing on agile transformation with SAFe. KEGON and our Swiss staff were one of the first transformation facilitators and are now happy to use the many contacts of their SAFe network to host a very special forum with renowned speakers in the middle of Zurich. Read more about the well-known speakers.
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18. — 19. September 2023

Agile organisational development and change management

The Summit Community Days offer a place of knowledge exchange and inspiration for all those who want to drive change in their organisation. The world of agile methods with topics such as agile transformation, agile leadership, agile organisational development, change management, agile portfolio management and systems theory, presented by experts, will show you how to successfully implement change and accompany your team on the journey to an innovative future. Our KEGON colleague Peter Schnell is invited to share his knowledge with the community and is looking forward to an active exchange.

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14 September 2023
Wien, Austria

Agile Tour Vienna 2023

Vienna's leading agile community conference

Already in the last two years the Agile Tour Vienna inspired with successful open air events. The perfect balance between international agile experts, practitioners from the local community and of course all those interested in agile working. As in previous years, Susanne Bauer will represent KEGON Austria on site. With the topic "Why Tesla became the most agile company in the world through AI", Kurt Jäger, SPCT, KEGON AG, will take the audience into the agile world of the automotive industry. More information and tickets at

15–18 August 2023

Nashville, Tennesee

The international SAFe® community meets in Nashville, Tennessee

From 15 – 18 August 2023 the SAFe® Summit will take place in Nashville. Get to know our experts on site and exchange ideas.

A good opportunity to expand your own network.

We look forward to seeing you!

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30 June 2023


Your Agile Date

Immerse yourself in new working methods!
Career change for humanities and cultural studies graduates
Learn more about our identity, our growth process and how you can develop together with us.

Find out more about our event on 30 June 2023!

22. – 23. June 2023

Filderstadt (Stuttgart)

MOTTO 2023: "..."

The Scrum Day orga team is working flat out on the 2023 event, and the motto has not yet been decided either. But one thing is for sure. KEGON will be there again as a sponsor and is looking forward to an exciting event, great presentations and certainly lots of familiar faces at our stand.

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The event by women for women

WI are happy to support our partner Seibert Media who want to create female role models and provide a platform for women in the tech industry to share their experiences from their day-to-day careers. With great speakers from many areas of the industry, Women in Tech Night '23 will showcase insights into the challenges and opportunities for women in tech careers!

Register for the 16 March 2023 on site in Wiesbaden here.


06.02.23 - 09.02.23


The conference for software architecture

At OOP 2023, Susanne Bauer and Peter Schnell will address the rapid changes in our world and thus the role of leaders with the workshop "Lean-Agile Leadership".

To the presentation:
Leadership methods that have worked so far, successful behaviours and a proven leadership style are now reaching their limits.
Something is changing in the structure between managers and employees. One answer to this can be lean-agile leadership. This requires a new role model and self-image of leadership. But what does that mean?

Target audience: Managers, decision-makers, "led" people, people interested in agile leadership.
Prerequisites: Initial leadership experience is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.
Level of difficulty: Advanced

Monday, 06.02.2023 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., number of participants: max 30.Click here for the workshop with Susanne Bauer and Peter Schnell.

1 + 2 December 2022
Wiesbaden, Online

in teams and companies

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams conference will take place on 1 and 2 December and has meanwhile found a permanent place in the event calendar of the German-speaking agile community. And as in the last years, KEGON consultants will be there again with their presentations. More about the Tools4AgileTeams conference, last year's keynotes and tickets at

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22 to 25 August 

SAFe Summit

in Denver, Colorado

SAFe Summit from 22 to 25 August in Denver, Colorado

After last year's Remote Summits, we are looking forward to the SAFe Summit in Colorado. This year's KEGON Summit team includes speakers Niko Kaintantzis with the topic "What matters when working in multicultural environments", Silke Kainzbauer with "Building Relentless Improvement Into an Organization’s DNA" and SAFe Fellow Thorsten Janning with the Customer Story "Agile Transformation in the German Public Sector - Hurdles and Takeaways when Implementing SAFe in a Culturally Challenging Environment". The SAFe Summit team will be strengthened by Kurt Jäger, who will be available to answer questions and can be found on site with his colleagues at the stand of our cooperation partner Seibert Media. . More information and tickets at

02. - 03. December 2021. Remote

10 YEARS of Tools4AgileTeams CONFERENCE

And as every year, KEGON is there, at the conference to share agility in teams and companies at all levels. KEGON SAFe® Fellow Thorsten Janning will be featured as keynote speaker. Felix Rüssel, SPCT, will again be a reviewer in the "Scaling Agile" track. With the organizer //Seibert Media GmbH, our cooperation partner, we are already looking forward to a great conference. Exciting talks, interactive sessions and exchange around agility is program.

Due to the current situation, the conference will take place exclusively online again this year. Read more.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like additional information:

Irina Heck

Tel +49 611 20 50 80