Agile in Automotive

A new era with AI

In the digitalised world, companies are setting new standards for how they can act in an agile and dynamic way. What is the ultimate goal?
A constant and continuous increase in company value creation - on an individual basis, every day. This is achieved through unprecedented real-time transparency, where decisions are made directly on the product rather than through traditional silo management. An approach that fits seamlessly with agile values.

The example of car manufacturer Tesla shows how this can work. At the heart of Tesla's corporate philosophy is the revolutionary approach of replacing traditional and agile management with AI. 

A look at the impressive statistics underlines the impact of this approach: Tesla, with the highest market capitalisation in the automotive industry, is ten times as valuable as VW, but produces only a tenth of the vehicles. Tesla's innovation rate exceeds that of the industry as a whole by a hundredfold. By consistently eliminating bottlenecks in the value stream, administrative tasks at Tesla are either replaced by AI or taken over directly by the product team. The result? Management that is intimately connected to the product and recognises the true value of the business.

Why did Tesla become the most Agile Company in the Automotive Industry

Presentation by Kurt Jäger, 27 November, 3:00 - 3:30 p.m., Agile.SDV in Berlin

Why Tesla became the world's most agile company through AI?

If you want to know how Tesla's methods can serve as a benchmark for your business, listen to Kurt Jäger's presentation. In this session, you will not only understand the principles and practices that have made Tesla a market leader, but also learn how to integrate these insights into your own business strategy. Welcome to the future of agile management!

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