KEGON Consulting

Our aim: your enablement

What goes through your mind when you think about consulting companies? Let's put it briefly: KEGON is different! We don't aim to deploy a host of consultants to our clients and "look after" them for as long, and as profitably, as possible. Instead, we focus on the principle of helping people to help themselves and want to achieve the maximum effect through targeted consulting assignments. Our aim is to quickly enable our clients to become self-sufficient, so that they can further develop their organizations without consultants.


KEGON Training

Enablement over certification

You don't become successfully agile simply by having a certificate issued to you. Agility results from practice and a lived agile mindset. The KEGON Academy was founded with the aim to successfully transfer agile methods into everyday life - to enable instead of only certifying. Therefore, our trainings are not only about theory. It is not our goal to teach you blunt theoretical knowledge and to issue as many certifications as possible - rather, we want to enable you to successfully apply agile methods in your working environment.


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We're looking for lateral thinkers, rather than followers

We're looking for new colleagues who are motivated and passionate about agility, who enjoy working in a self-organized manner and who would like to develop themselves further. Does that sound like you? 

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