A format for agile cases: KEGON-TV 

In the format KEGON TV, Manuel Marsch and his colleagues repeatedly scrutinize details of the agile world and convey a refreshingly non-serious approach to serious topics. 

KEGON-TV (Folge1): "Flow efficiency" with Marc Bauer

Manuel Marsch interviews Marc Bauer on the topic of "flow efficiency". This describes how efficiently work orders run through large companies (systems) and how to speed them up by first looking for unnecessary waiting times and minimizing them.

KEGON-TV (Folge2) Conways Law with Klaus-Dieter Jäger

Manuel Marsch interviews Klaus-Dieter Jäger on the topic of "Conway's Law". This describes that technical infrastructures with many systems/participants always align themselves according to communication structures and that a shift in communication or the right cut of agile teams in large organizations massively reduces the complexity of system landscapes and ensures better flow. 

KEGON-TV (Episode3): Strategy in Agile with Thorsten Janning

Manuel Marsch interviews Thorsten Janning Jäger on the topic of "Strategy in Agile". Agile methods are nowadays often used successfully for product development on team level as well as larger units, such as Trains, Tribes or Product Areas. The definition of company goals and visions on the highest strategy level is often not yet "agile", but rather slow and classic. Thorsten Janning introduces a concept that allows this level and those involved to work easily with agile patterns and thus become much faster and more successful.  

KEGON-TV (Episode4): SAFe uff hessian with de MVB, Bembel and apples ...

Manuel and Stefan talk casually (and not entirely seriously) about SAFe and the clear references to Hesse, the Äppler, de Bembel, de Banke and the airport.

KEGON-TV (Folge1): "What is a Dark Launch/Canary Release" with Manuel Marsch

Manuel Marsch uses examples to explain how to carry out so-called "dark launches" with new software versions and what needs to be taken into account. This technique is actually a foundation for modern software teams.

KEGON-TV (Folge1): "What is a Feature Toggle" with Manuel Marsch

Manuel Marsch uses examples to explain what feature toggles are, how they work and why they are important in agile working.