KEGON Business Agility Flow

Our OKR approach to explore and achieve your enterprise strategy

The KEGON Business Agility Flow is a collaborative and iterative approach. The development, delivery, and particularly the adaptation, of the corporate strategy takes place in an infinite loop, structured with recurring events.

In these events, the extended leadership team reviews the latest corporate
environment developments and current results of your strategy, reiterates through the strategy development, aligns the strategic goals for the current year, and delivers results.

In this way, the people, who really know your company, can contribute to its strategic direction. The result is an excellent strategy with the leadership team‘s shared understanding and commitment.

1. Strategieentwicklung mit dem Business Agility Flow - eine Übersicht

2. Inkrementelle Strategieformulierung im
Business Agility Flow

3. OKRs als Bindeglied zwischen Strategieformulierung und -umsetzung im Business Agility Flow

4. Dezentrale operative Umsetzung der Strategie im
Business Agility Flow


Open and respectful
Iterative and incremental
Together and aligned


Establish strong collaboration with all affected sub-units
Work with hypotheses, deliver and validate
Connect Strategy and Delivery with a real feedback loop
Invite everyone to challenge the mission


1. Carving out the Purpose, Core Values & Beliefs of the Organization
2. Gather a shared understanding of the diagnosis (external/internal assessment)
3. Work together to create an aligned mission
4. Deduce a common set of Strategic Objectives
5. Identify promising Strategic Iniatives
6. Deliver and validate the Strategic Initiatives
7. Enrich the Strategic Objectives with the results and learnings


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