Ilka Tröschel

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Ilka Tröschel completed her studies of computer science in Dresden at the Technical University. Ms. Tröschel gained her professional experience both in a corporate environment and in medium-sized companies as a consultant, program and project manager, RTE and in various management positions. In recent years, Ms. Tröschel has worked as Agile Leader, RTE and CIO. In the different roles she supported the organization in the change process to align product development closer to customer needs and to improve the customer experience.

Knowledge and key topics

  • Agile Transformation
  • Transition and change management 
  • Training and Coaching
  • Software development from the idea to the application

Project experience (selection)

Agile transformation of the product development of a car and bike sharing provider

  • Agile Leader - disciplinary superior, advisor and coach of the employees  
  • RTE
    o Chief Scrum Master, coaching at all levels of the company, especially
    o Training and coaching Program and team level
    o Process design and change management
    o Definition and introduction of indicators for performance improvements
    o Reporting to the management and the management team     
  • CIO - Overall responsibility for the IT area (development, support, operation)

Software product development for tax consultants - Agile Transformation

  • Head of the Application Lifecycle Management department
  • Moderation and impetus for the joint development of a mission and vision for the area
  • Development of a common backlog and introduction of comprehensive agile events
  • Revision of the release process
  • Definition of a comprehensive product planning and control process from portfolio management to management at team level

Software product development for e-commerce solutions

  • Product development manager
  • Release Train Engineer 
  • Adaptation of business processes of the eCommerce solution to market requirements
  • Setting up new development processes 
  • Expansion of an Omni-Channel solution