Methoden Tool Assessment

Method-Tool-Assessment Scaling Agile

Agility thrives on people, mindsets and methods - in a scaled environment, suitable frameworks and tools are needed to create transparency between the players and optimize the flow of value.

Together with our partner Seibert Media GmbH, we can align agile and lean methods and tools for you to accelerate and sustainably anchor your transformation.

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Your organization develops products and solutions whose scope and/or complexity require the engagement of multiple teams. In doing so, you observe dependencies between and outside the teams. In order to continue to operate effectively and quickly in the market in this context, you want or need to establish or optimize an agile, scaling way of working with appropriate tooling. You are unsure how exactly such a transformation should look like or you have been stalled on your previous path with questions or doubts.


Together with you, we find out where exactly you are on your journey, what fundamental challenges exist, and what paths open up for you to continue to successfully and effectively scale your agile ways of working.


In a 1-day workshop, two consultants will advise you on your scaling methodology (KEGON) and your Jira/Atlassian-based tooling (Seibert Media). In doing so, we address your individual situation in an open-ended manner, advising you in the necessary technical depth in each case, yet from a single source.

Actual situation:

Where are you in your transformation, what steps have you taken so far regarding mindset, structures, processes, teams,...
Tooling inventory: We analyze which tools you are already using and how. Which functionalities are helpful for you? Which ones are you missing or would enrich your work?
Which challenges have been identified in which areas, which are possibly foreseeable?


What hopes, needs, and requirements are driving your agile scaling?
Who are the key people, stakeholders, and decision makers?


Together with you, as well as in the follow-up, our consultants evaluate among themselves the insights gained and derive possible next steps for the interaction of method and tools based on their experience. The results include an assessment of opportunities and risks and - if foreseeable - a possible timeframe and expected costs. All findings are documented in a shared extranet area and can serve as an independent decision-making aid for the fundamental direction of your further transformation.

  • Which frameworks come into question?
  • Which individualizations appear to be target-oriented?
  • Which people need to be involved and trained in what way?
  • How can methods and tools interact optimally?
  • Which software adaptations and/or enhancements seem helpful?
  • When/how can these be introduced? 


For a successful assessment of your situation, it is essential that all groups relevant to your transformation are represented in the meeting. For transparency and equal understanding, both methodologically and technically responsible persons should participate together.

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