Katrin Petzold

Senior Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Katrin Petzold is an expert in teaching Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. She has particular strengths in team development and conflict consulting. Besides trainings and workshops, she offers team-, ART- and solution level coaching.
She has several years of international experience in guiding companies and teams in the implementation of SAFe and other agile working methods. In doing so, it is important for her to teach a positive error culture and problem-solving techniques. Through training on the job, she trains internal experts, empowering them to help themselves to develop and improve in agile working on their own after the coaching is completed. She also shares her knowledge as a speaker at professional conferences. 

Knowledge and main topics

  • Agile transformation
  • Change management 
  • Coaching of teams and ART´s
  • Team development
  • Conflict Management

Project Experience (Selection)

Various trainings and workshops with different clients, focusing on the Scaled Agile Framework, agile practices and tools
Prepare and deliver (face-to-face and remote) standard Scaled Agile Inc. training, design, prepare and deliver custom training and workshops as part of multiple SAFe transformations.

Feature prioritisation according to the WSJF method in a technology company

  • Preparation of the WSJF workshop
  • Moderation of the groups in the breakouts, consensus building
  • Coaching of the WSJF method
  • Follow-up through photo documentation

Value Stream Workshop in an automotive company

  • Preparation of the Value Stream Workshop
  • Moderation
  • Follow-up through photo documentation
  • Clarification of questions afterwards

Team role coaching in two marketing teams in a pharmaceutical company

  • Coaching on Team Level
  • Training of the whole team on Scrum and Kanban, Agile Mindset, Flow
  • Training of the roles Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Accompaniment of Scrum events with subsequent analysis
  • Joint reflection and development of improvement potentials
  • Workshops on various key topics:
    • Mit einem Kanban Board Flow erzeugen
    • Create flow with a Kanban board
    • Backlog Refinement and Backlog structure and Maintenance
    • Writing and Splitting User Stories
    • Story Estimation with T-Shirt-Sizes
    • Sprint goals: Meaning and Formulation

RTE coaching and consulting on PI events in an automotive software company

  • Coaching at Program Level
  • Discussion about the tasks and responsibilities of an RTE, differentiation from the other ART roles
  • Reflection and development of improvement potentials in the ART
  • Coaching and workshops on various focus areas that were needed for next steps of improvement:
  • Making SoS more valuable
  • Interaction RTE/PM/SA
  • Virtual Team Building
  • Capacity, Load & Velocity
  • SMART PI Objectives
  • Writing & Splitting User Stories
  • Built-In Quality Teams

SM and PO coaching in two international teams in a software company in the automotive industry

  • Coaching on team level
  • Analysis of how roles, Scrum & ART events, agile mindset are lived in the teams 
  • Subsequent reflection and identification of improvement potentials
  • Increasing the maturity level of the roles SM and PO through coaching: 
  • Effectiveness of sprint meetings
  • Profitable design of team breakouts in PI planning
  • Analysis of Sprint Metrics
  • Achieving flow
  • Teaching agile ways of working across the team
  • Workshops with the team on: Agile Basics, Scrum Meetings, Scrum Team: roles, tasks, Relative Estimation, Feature Estimation, Velocity vs. Capacity, Writing & Splitting User Stories, Self Selection Workshop

Team coaching, interim Scrum Master and support of the ART trio in the execution of the SAFe event in a transport company in Switzerland

  • Coaching at Team and Program Level

As Agile Coach:

  • Coaching of the ART trio (RTE/PM/SA)
  • Support at the ART events
  • Participation in the LACE
  • Support of further ART launches

As interim Scrum Master:

  • Trainings on Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
  • Preparation of the team for PI Planning
  • Support of the team in the iterations
  • Conducting regular retrospectives and processing impediments
  • Analysis of the current situation of the team and presentation of the development potential
  • Promotion of motivation, personal responsibility and self-organization in the team

Agile Transformation - Software Company, Medical Healthcare

  • Support for the organisation of the ART
  • Process improvement and change management at the management level
  • Competence building on DevOps, Built-In-Quality and XP
  • Optimization of cooperation with other departments
  • Definition and introduction of key positions and indicators for performance and delivery tracking
  • Reporting to the decision-making and steering committees
  • Stakeholder management

Agile Coaching - software company, SAP development

  • Coaching of Scrum teams to a self-organized working method
  • Structure of a Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Adaptation of the JIRA workflow to an agile working method
  • Instruction and coaching of the product owner for backlog and user story maintenance
  • Process design and change management
  • Team development
  • Moderation in workshops