KEGON Schwitzerland

Who we are?

Our team is a colorful mix of diverse professional backgrounds with a broad portfolio of experience and skills. What unites us is our motivation to make a difference. To achieve this, we actively support the development of our employees and a collaborative approach at all levels - to strengthen our clients in and through change for new challenges.

Our clients include public transport, the public administration of the Swiss Confederation, international corporations as well as medium-sized companies, primarily in the finance, health and insurance sectors. 

In the past years we have been able to work in different companies, organizational forms, sales, product and project cultures - what they have in common are the people who support the company through communication and strategic action. Empathy, conversations at eye level and our methodical knowledge are therefore our key to success.

Learning at all levels

We see the ability to learn across all organizational levels as a valuable asset with limitless potential for growth and innovation. This starts at the individual level. Through personal coaching and training, or even simple discussions, we want to introduce tools that enable each individual to further develop themselves.

The organisation, as a whole, should also flourish, progress and move forward together. With techniques such as organizational development and change management, we can offer assistance and respond individually to the needs and requirements of each individual company. Therefore, together we can say: "We're learning".