First Agile Date with KEGON

Under the powerful motto "Your Agile Date", KEGON Germany organised an event that facilitates the career entry as an Agile Coach for career changers and job seekers with a background in the humanities and natural sciences.

On 30 June 2023, seven motivated participants from different disciplines gathered in the city centre of Wiesbaden. They started their day together with coffee, tea, fruit and croissants before introducing themselves in a short opening round and preparing for the first challenge.

This challenge consisted of using scissors, thread, tape and spaghetti to build a tower as high as possible with a marshmallow standing freely on top. It quickly became clear that an incremental approach with quick feedback cycles leads to success. This playful approach made the core concepts of Scrum and agile work tangible and showed the high value of effective planning and cooperation.

The second exercise after the lunch break presented the groups with the challenge of identifying different shapes and colours while blindfolded. The experiences from this exercise made clear the high value of communication, task sharing and using one's own strengths - all essential aspects of effective Agile Coaching.

In the course of the day it became clear that the ideal working environment for the participants is characterised by personal responsibility, communication and new impulses. All of these are also central values in an agile corporate structure.

At the end of the day, valuable feedback was collected so that future events can be even better tailored to the expectations of the participants. Overall, it was an exciting, insightful day that may have laid the foundation for some new careers in the field of agile coaching.

Are you curious and do you want to start your career in Agile Coaching as a career changer or humanities graduate? Look out for our next events and start your agile journey with KEGON!