KEGON at LAS-Konferenz 2022

KEGON was a sponsor of the Lean Agile & Scum conference and made various contributions. Right at the beginning Rick Janda gave a presentation together with Swisscom on the topic "Backlog Refinement Flow@Large Scale" and afterwards David Baer followed with the workshop "Patterns in Agile". More information at

The 1-day conference on 6/23/2022 at Smith and de Luma offered numerous networking opportunities and exciting pitches around Lean, Agile & Scrum in two stages. The LAS community traveled to Zurich from all over Switzerland, including our esteemed colleagues Rick Janda and David Bear from KEGON Switzerland.

Rick Janda spoke together with Marco Wyttenbach from Swisscom on the topic BACKLOG REFINEMENT FLOW. A SAFe Large Solution with 350 employees, two Solution Managers, 12 Product Managers, 32 Product Owners and three problems:Permanently overloaded Product and Solution Managers due to parallel topic processing. Product owners are overwhelmed with topics shortly before PI planning. Simple projects spend too much time in preparation. Marco and Rick show solutions they successfully implemented at Swisscom in 1½ years.

Speaker David Bear followed with his presentation on PATTERNS IN AGILE.

For years, David has roamed organizations as a pattern collector with an analytical eye. Time and again he comes across interesting behavioral or organizational patterns. He collects these at Often, they are patterns that inspire agility. But he also encounters so-called anti-patterns: patterns that hinder such progress.

In the workshop, David will present some patterns. We then practice recognizing the patterns and discuss approaches to reinforce or prevent them.

To end the successful day, there was a great party with great music by DJ Ecko and Andy Ray.