KEGON for Wiesbaden Engagiert

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As KEGONites, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are. We go to work every day full of anticipation, curious to see what the day will bring, and come home in the evening with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that we have added value for the customer. At the same time we have a lot of fun, constantly learn new things and can count on our colleagues to both support and help us. We‘re very grateful for this, recognizing that it is a luxury, and we would like to give something back to the community.
This was our motivation for volunteering in "Wiesbaden engagiert" this year. The Amt für soziale Arbeit (Department for Social Work) in Wiesbaden organizes a one-week initiative, which brings businesses and non-profit organizations together to support a social project. This was the 15th year of the initiative and, to date, almost 500 companies have contributed to 11,000 projects.
The KEGON team helped with a soccer tournament for primary school children from Wiesbaden. The organizer, Mr. Fischer, was grateful for both our 2.000€ donation and our helping hands. The weather was beautiful and while the kids played on the field, we took care of the food, kept the waiting people preoccupied and contributed to the good atmosphere.
Without injuries and thanks to the loud whistling of our two referees, Thorsten Janning and Irina Heck, the top four teams reached the semi-finals. Both games ended with an exciting penalty shootout, which showed how good all the teams were. The final game, followed by the award ceremony, was the highlight of the day. Our directors Yvonne Görlitz and Stefan Becker presented the sweaty winners with certificates and medals, while also emphasizing how well all tournament participants had performed.
Once everything had been dismantled at the end of the day, our volunteers were almost more exhausted than the tournament participants. It turns out that a football tournament is a bit different to a customer project!
Regardless, we had a lot of fun and would like to really thank both the organizers of „Wiesbaden engagiert“ and also all the students who so diligently ate sausages, kicked balls and enjoyed the day with us.