Roya Afshar

Management Consultant/Agile Coach

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae 

Roya Afshar completed her studies of media informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel near Hamburg. She has more than 20 years of experience as an organizational consultant, agile coach, project manager and software developer with renowned references from various industries. With a successful certification as SAFe Practice Consultant, Roya Afshar has expanded her practical experience in the agile environment in recent years.

Skills and main topics

  • Agile transformation, taking into account individual needs, structures and current possibilities for action of the company
  • Transition and change management 
  • Agile Coaching
  • SAFe, FlightLevel, Kanban
  • Use of Jira and Confluence in an agile world

Training and Project experience (selection)

Various trainings and workshops at different customers, mostly focusing on the Scaled Agile Framework, Product Management and Organizational Development

Preparation and execution of standard trainings of Scaled Agile Inc., design, preparation and execution of customer specific trainings and workshops in the context of several SAFe transformations.

Scaled Agile Transformation - Insurance

  • Collaboration in the Transformation Team
  • Accompanying transformation processes 
  • Coaching portfolio level

Scaled Agile Transformation - Insurance

  • Agile transformation in a scaled agile environment
  • Incorporating the new RTE
  • Identify potential for improvement and work on it with those involved

SAFe Transformation - Market Leader Robotics Systems in the Medical Sector

  • Agile transformation in a scaled agile environment
  • Coaching of the RTEs of two launched ARTs
  • Conduct various workshops for the two trains
  • Accompany transformation processes 
  • Accompanying the first and further PI Plannings

SAFe® Transformation - Insurance

  • Classical tasks of an RTE
  • Introduction of metrics and PI Objectives
  • Accompanying transformation processes 
  • Agile Transformation - Logistics Group

Agile transformation - Logistic Group

  • Training and coaching at team level
  • Coaching on internal agile coaches
  • Process design and change management 
  • Definition and introduction of indicators for performance improvement and flow optimization 
  • Development of basics for an agile portfolio
  • Cross-team roadmap planning 
  • Performance improvement through Continuous Delivery 
  • JIRA and Confluence administration 

Introduction of the Scaled Agile Coaching - System Catering

  • Development of methods and routines of a self-organized department without IT manager.
  • Development of all roles, methods and routines for an individual project organization, which is efficient and self-organized without project manager and IT manager works after only one month of implementation.

Agile Transformation - Cinema Industry

  • Development and establishment of agile methods for project and project management in all relevant departments of the company incl. management, taking into account the individual needs and possibilities of the client
  • Establishment of a self-sufficient project management department working on the basis of agile methods
  • Agile coach
  • Trainings and Workshops

Project management in an agile environment (SCRUM) - Tourism

  • Project management incl. timing for the entire project (SCRUM)
  • Introduction of processes for support
  • Structuring of release management