Susanne Bauer

Management Consultant

Phone +43 664 811 3618

Curriculum Vitae 

Susanne Bauer completed her studies in International Business Relations in Eisenstadt (Austria). After many years of experience as an executive in marketing, she completed in-depth training in systemic business coaching, business training, change guidance and as a life and social counsellor. Since 2015, her professional focus has been on further education and business coaching in an agile leadership context.

Skills and main topics

  • Agile mindset and leadership skills
  • Transition and change management
  • Business Coaching
  • Team communication and creativity
  • Resilience and Error Culture

Training and Project experience (selection)

Various trainings and workshops in agile context

Design, preparation and execution of public standard workshops and trainings für KEGON, as well as customer-specific trainings and workshops within agile transformations.

Development and implementation of a new agile organisational structure at an international car manufacturer

  • Transition of the division into a value stream oriented product organisation with end-to-end responsibility
  • Agile and systemic coaching of the management level
  • Evaluation of communication and collaboration structures
  • Development and implementation support of a new agile organisational structure (coaching, workshops, training)
  • Development of metrics and feedback cycles for continuous autonomous development

Various trainings and workshops with focus on leadership and business coaching

  • Conceptualisation, design, preparation and delivery of trainings on coaching and communication 
  • Systemic Business Coaching and Solutions-focused Leadership with Coaching Skills (co-trainer in public trainings of Jelinek Akademie)
  • Conception and implementation of the public 2-day workshops
  • Conception and implementation of internal short workshops on the topic of feedback and resilience

Systemic Business Coaching – 1:1-Coaching

  • Coach in a 1:1 setting
  • Ongoing training and supervision
  • Ongoing reflection on her own attitude

Internal support through the crisis at a software service provider

  • Resilience training and coaching 
  • Conception and creation of the workshops
  • Delivery of the workshops
  • Quality control
  • Internal coaching

Training and coaching with a service provider in the labour market environment 

  • Consulting for job seekers
  • Competence and career coaching
  • Group training 
  • Coaching the participants
  • Ensuring training quality despite resistance
  • Ongoing peer supervision
  • Ongoing reflection on own attitude

Establishment and management of a training academy

  • Setting up the processes, structures and program of an academy for the Austrian branch of an international software service provider
  • Subsequently ensuring the ongoing operation and commercial responsibility for public, customer-specific and internal training

Head of an international marketing department

  • Management of the worldwide marketing team Austria and USA in the B2B software sector. Development of regional marketing in the regions Germany/Switzerland and USA
  • Worldwide public relations and corporate communications, e.g. during a company acquisition