Svenja Suhre 

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Svenja Suhre supports companies as an organisational developer and coach in (agile) transformation processes. In doing so, she never loses sight of the overall picture of the organisation, the people and cultures that need to be involved in the change. In addition to successful certification as a SAFe® Practice Consultant, her toolbox includes sound coaching experience and methods for successful and sustainable large group events.
Svenja Suhre started her career by studying history and sociology (specialising in the Middle East) in Mainz, Erfurt and Beirut.

Knowledge and focus

  • Setting up and supporting agile release trains
  • Training and coaching of ART and team roles
  • Initiating and supporting the transformation process
  • Designing and implementing management development as part of the transformation process
  • Designing and implementing communication concepts
  • Setting up the organizational development architecture

Project Experiences (Selection)

Various trainings and workshops for different clients in the conntext of agile transformations 
Accompanying the transformation process of a social institution Project outline

  • 1:1 coaching of the honorary board (interim management)
  • Establishing a regular exchange between the management team 
  • Team building of the management team
  • Interviews with employees from various departments and locations 
  • Planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up of a 2-day large group workshop with all 100 employees on the topic: How do we make our organization future-proof and crisis-proof?

Organizational development of a non-profit organization in the healthcare sector

  • Setting up a change architecture, analyzing the challenges and developing a target image
  • Introducing the working round format (LACE or change team) as well as moderating and supporting the team
  • Coaching the managing director and his deputy
  • Support for individual teams through coaching and moderation of team meetings
  • Conception, preparation and implementation of a kick-off day with all employees (approx. 100 participants)

Agile transformation at a bus manufacturer

  • Collaboration in the creation of the product section
  • Training and support for the first ART and team roles
  • Supporting the transformation team
  • Establishing a communication architecture for the implementation of SAFe in the company
  • Sole conceptualization and implementation of a large group workshop (90 participants)
  • Launch of the first ARTs
  • Adaptation of the methodological details to the client's needs

Agile pilot project in vocational training

  • Analysis of the challenges and development of a target image
  • Developing an agile playbook with the project team
  • Introduction and moderation of regular, cross-organizational stakeholder meetings (reviews)
  • Accompanying the team as Scrum Master
  • Coaching the PO role