Agile Requirements Engineering – how agility really starts at the front

Many companies are already working with agile methods in the disciplines of software or product development, comprehensive testing and - thanks to DevOps - the operation of applications. 

However, if you look at the "preparatory process step" of requirements analysis and requirements gathering, this is not fully implemented in many companies. Large organisations in particular are characterised by long documentation or complicated process diagrams in which a lot of time is invested, which later leads to time and budget constraints at the expense of implementation. 

If companies really want to become "agile" and think in terms of value streams, agility must also start "up front", directly with requirements gathering and not just when the requirements are handed over to development. This sub-discipline is called "Agile Requirements Engineering (ARE)" and implements the basics of agility early in the process in terms of cross-functional teams, incremental-iterative approach and additional feedback loops. 

In a new short video course "Agile Requirements Engineering", the experienced Agile Coach and KEGON consultant Manuel Marsch shows how this works exactly, what departments and requirements analysts should change, how to really develop successful products faster from the first idea to the released product with Agile Requirements Engineering, Agile Development and Agile Operations. It can currently be viewed free of charge - after registering on the digital learning platform of KEGON and Seibert Media: 

In addition to the associated theory of Agile Requirements Engineering, the course includes a practical example of a requirements analysis of an app with the corresponding agile artefacts to facilitate the transfer into your own practice. 

This ARE course in self-learning format is just one example of how KEGON and Seibert-Media will digitally prepare topics from the areas of agile methods and agile tools and offer them in an easy-to-digest format for consumption in the future, so take a look at the other offers at