Implementing SAFe® Training at KEGON AG

Companies opting for cross-organizational agile transformation can choose from a variety of scaling frameworks. Especially for large organizations, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is often chosen because it provides a variety of solutions to problems that arise when working with large groups (up to 125 people in a development team) and complex products and value streams. In addition, SAFe®'s Implementation Roadmap offers concrete and easy-to-follow assistance that makes it easier to get started with agile work. One of the first and most important steps towards becoming an agile company is the training of Lean-Agile Change Agents. These are trained in Implementing SAFe® Training to become SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs).
This training is one of the most comprehensive and challenging training courses in the SAFe® set of rules. At the same time, it is of crucial importance to inspire the participants of this training of agility and to enable them to initiate and lead the transformation of their own organization. In this report I would like to give a brief impression of what the participants can expect in these four days and how much fun it can be to start your own agile journey with KEGON.
The first day of the four-day training begins easily in an open and warm atmosphere. After registration, the two trainers, Dr. Thorsten Janning and Felix Rüssel, introduce themselves, talk about their experiences and we already get an impression of what is possible with SAFe®. That's what we want! But first we classify ourselves and our abilities in terms of agility. From beginners to professionals, everything is there. That will be great discussions! Then we start with the theory part. We learn a lot about the basic values and principles behind agile work, the "right" mindset and working in agile teams.
On the second day we go to the program level, where several teams work together, and recreate a PI Planning, the central planning event of the teams. We discuss the importance of DevOps and how to develop a broader horizon down to the portfolio level. This gives us a vision of how agile work can work at the strategic level.
The third and fourth day is taken up by the actual transformation. What things do I have to prepare? How do I assign the teams to the individual trains? We also take a long-term view and consider which steps are necessary to maintain and improve an agile transformation. Concrete tips for the subsequent certification exam form the conclusion.
During the four days, all aspects of SAFe® will be covered and a comprehensive view of an agile transformation will be conveyed. Quite a lot of material for four days! The training is also very didactically mature. There is a constant alternation between theory and practice parts with concrete exercises, so that we can cite our experiences directly as examples and consolidate what we have learned directly. The two trainers also allow plenty of room for critical questions and discussions.
In addition to the pure training content, the four days also offer very special social and culinary experiences. The food is very good and a get-together together is one of the highlights. Over a glass of wine you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and get to know the trainers better. Benefiting from their experiences and assessments is one of the special advantages of this training.
Looking at the days at the end of the week in their entirety, the result is a comprehensive and holistic picture of SAFe® and a great desire to put the whole thing directly into practice. Although the time flew incredibly fast, you could learn a lot and had a lot of fun with great new contacts and interesting experience reports. The perfect introduction to SAFe®!