KEGON at the RhineCleanUp 2023

The RhineCleanUp is a day of action in which volunteers clean the Rhine from its source to its mouth of litter and meanwhile also clean the banks of numerous other rivers on the same day. One of the Cleanup actions is organised by the Wassersport-Verein Schierstein (WVS), and Kegon is also committed to more sustainability and participates in this action.

During the cleanup campaign, mainly classic waste such as bottles, cans, crown caps, paper cups and many little papers that have served as packaging are collected, but sometimes special finds fall into the hands of the participants. Kegon was represented by Tanya Boteva, Joseph Assaf, Marcus Tschechne and Sabine Conrad, some of whom are also members of Kegon's internal sustainability working group. Tanya Boteva, for example, says that her daughter should learn to love and protect nature.

Fittingly, a CO² balance was drawn up in the company last year, which is to be reduced annually. In addition, a job ticket is now subsidised alongside the job bike, and in some cases refurbished equipment is used.

Joseph Assaf gives global reasons for his participation in the Rhine Cleanup. He emphasises that if we don't take care of nature, it won't take care of us. He also finds it nice to be able to get involved together with his colleagues from Kegon.

A total of 82 people participated in the WVS (Wassersportverein Schierstein) Cleanup alone this year.