KEGON as guest of the BPUG-Germany

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On Tuesday, 20 October, the two KEGON consultants Yvonne Görlitz and Manuel Marsch showed how the topic SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) can be turned into an exciting online experience with virtual bingo and colorful Post-Its.

Already for the second time KEGON was a guest at BPUG-Deutschland e.V. (Best Practice User Group), an association of experienced project managers for mutual exchange of experiences. The interest was very high, so that also at this second event a large number of participants was registered. 

Of course, the meeting was held as an online meeting with zoom in accordance with the hygiene rules. After a short welcome by the chairman of the BPUG, Dr. Jörg Lobbes, Yvonne surprised the participants with a virtual bingo game to get to know each other. For this purpose, the participants were given a bingo slip with characteristics of the participants to be searched for, such as "Find a person ...who is just more than 100 km away from Frankfurt", "...has already worked on more than 3 continents" or "has a sock with a hole on today" to download. In virtual small groups the participants then tried to find other participants with the appropriate characteristics and tick them on the slip of paper to achieve so-called bingo (4 crosses in a row, column or diagonal).

After an entertaining 20 minutes, during which other similarities such as "we actually live in the same street" or "I was also in England for 3 years" were discovered, Yvonne started with an overview of the structure of the "Scaled Agile Framework®", a scaled agile framework for larger products/projects with more than 50 participants.
This presentation was held not - as often usual - with tens of Powerpoint slides, but with virtual Post-Its on an online whiteboard. After 45 minutes and a short break, the evening went into an exciting and active question and answer session about SAFe® and the challenges for large companies to implement large agile projects. When asked what other agile frameworks are available on the market besides SAFe®, Manuel briefly explained in just 10 minutes the structure and objectives of various agile scaled frameworks, such as "Scrum of Scrums", Less, Scrum-at-scale, Spotify and the Nexus framework. A topic that can often take up a timeslot of several hours in our trainings.

After another small discussion on the challenges for large companies, the meeting ended after 2 hours and the KEGON consultants had proven that even in Corona times, evening events, although virtual, educational, entertaining, interactive, fun, informative and surprising can be.