Remote working: Tips for fun and team spirit

In our Lean Coffee on June 25, the topic of fun and a successful start to the online meeting came up on the digital table and so we have put together a few tips for more fun remotely in the team.

Who doesn't know that, one online meeting after the other, from the zoom session to the next Microsoft Teams session and in between still finding the right links to the digital whiteboards. That's exactly why it's so important to actually have fun together in between. 

In our examples, we had prepared a frame on a Miroboard and then every participant in the meeting has access to the board and we're ready to go.

Warm up - mood check

With the cat photos reflecting different moods, everyone can make their own mood known, without a single word. This way the meeting starts together and yet everyone can stay with themselves first to feel how I'm actually doing. It's also nice to see how my colleague is doing, from whom I absolutely need some information later on.

Of course, the whole thing also works with other photos, but since cats are particularly well received in the social media channels, we had chosen the example with the cats here. 

Active Warm Up - Painting from a template

In this warm-up, a photo template is pinned on the Miroboard for joint coloring. We had marked out an area in which this photo template should be painted. Our rule was that no agreements were made as to who painted which area, but that everyone actually got started at the same time. Great fun in just a few minutes.

Personal Map - Team feeling despite remote

The Personal Map is a tool that is explained and practiced in the Management 3.0 workshop. Here in the example our trainer Yevhen Domchenko introduces himself to his workshop participants and all participants had time to create their own personal map before the seminar. 

Of course, it takes a bit more time to create a detailed personal map, which is rarely possible in tight meetings, but you can also modify this tool by asking "what is most on your mind right now, where are you on the road".

A colorful collection of pictures can also be prepared on the Miroboard as a template.

More great ideas can be found on the Internet under the term Ice-Breaker, for example, at the whiteboard providers such as Conceptboard

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