The digital Academy: Our learning becomes digital

After KEGON has already switched all trainings from presence to remote delivery via zoom or Ms Teams with the first Corona Lockdown 2020, we are now taking the next step: Together with our partner Seibert Media, we are currently building a new Digital Academy around the topics of Tooling (especially Confluence and Jira), Agile Methods and Agile Mindset.

The online learning modules can be booked 24 hours/7 days a week and are then immediately available for self-study, so an interested party no longer has to wait for the next slot from a trainer. The length of the online modules varies from 5-minute nuggets to mini-courses (approx. 30 min.) to full topic courses (approx. 2 hrs.). Here is a brief selection of topics - it is definitely worth taking a look.

Introduction to Business Agility

The term business agility essentially means transferring agile methods from the field of development to other areas of a company. In this video series, Thorsten Janning provides an overview of the topic, which is currently often interpreted differently and rarely understood uniformly.

Introduction to the error and learning culture

In the course of this course you will learn how you as a leader can deal with your mistakes and those of others in your environment in an appreciative and profitable way.

Learning Nugget: The Management Review in PIPE

A core element of SAFe is the so-called PIPE (Programme Increment Planning Event). In the course of this two-day BigRoom planning format, a so-called management review can be scheduled at a certain point. Manuel Marsch explains the goals and the process of this special review format.

Learning Nugget: Visions in the agile working environment

Manuel Marsch gives an insight into the role of visions in the agile working environment. This is not only about visions at the company level. Visions also help on other levels, such as the "product" up to a vision on the level of an "iteration" or a sprint.

Learning Nugget: What can Kanban boards look like?

One of the most accessible agile methods is "Kanban". Here you work with Kanban boards that visualise your work processes and make them transparent. Manuel shows you different basic layouts of Kanban boards and how to use them in your daily work!

Die Inhalte werden ständig erweitert und es lohnt sich alle paar Wochen einen Blick in den Kurskatalog unter zu werfen.