Agile Organization Financial Services

Agile Coaching at Team and Management Level

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Initial situation: Employees from different line departments of the group (specialist departments and IT) are not to create value in classic project management, but by means of agile processes.

Target state: 54 scaled delivery units (so-called clusters) form the delivery organisation of the group. Interdisciplinary teams work in a self-organised way and deliver value iteratively and incrementally in a scaled environment. Strategy and implementation are dovetailed through Lean Portfolio Management processes.

  • Organise and coach more interdisciplinary Agile Team-of-Teams (so-called clusters of 90-120 people): Enabling the design, set-up and staffing of the clusters and teams by imparting methodological know-how and best practices; enabling division heads and cluster leads to establish an agile routine in the respective clusters.
  • Role coaching for Scrum Master, Product Owner and Product Manager
  • Conceptual design and coaching in lean portfolio management: implementing a cross-divisional prioritisation of strategic projects with the first management level of the bank; coaching of managers