KEGON at the Handelsblatt Change Congress

Under the motto "Shifted Reality: Everything remains different", this year's Handelsblatt Change Congress took place on 2 and 3 November at the Handelsblatt headquarters in Düsseldorf. Over 400 representatives from business, consulting and corporate development attended.

In their presentation on the main stage, Florian Beck and Dr Thorsten Janning presented KEGON's approach to the strategy development and operationalisation of the future. The "KEGON Business Agility Flow" focuses on collaboration and alignment in order to develop the corporate strategy in an incremental and iterative process and to learn from its implementation as quickly as possible.
In times of rapid and far-reaching disruption, a captain who sets the direction is no longer enough. All employees must have the strategy and the goal clearly in mind and be passionate about reaching the goal together. The presentation entitled "Storm ahead! How the digital revolution is changing the captain" was very well received by the audience and gave rise to many expert talks and discussions afterwards. Representatives of SMEs in particular were enthusiastic about the idea of involving their employees more closely in strategy development, as it is precisely these experienced specialists who determine the success or failure of companies.
For us, the event was a great success and a further step towards modernising strategy development in front of an audience that has not yet fully embraced agility and the Scaled Agile Framework in particular!

More about KEGON Business Agility Flow here.

A big thank you for the great photos by Willi Nothers.