KEGON at Wiesbaden Engagiert 2022

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As in previous years, KEGON was again able to participate in Wiesbaden Engagiert in 2022 and accompany the football tournaments with provisions and loud cheering.

Thorsten Fischer, Office of Social Work, Department of Supervising Primary Schools, was very pleased that this sporting event could take place again this year with spectators and thus also with enthusiastic fans. One team was even accompanied by their own cheerleaders. Thorsten Fischer emphasises how important this competition is for the children and the joy in the children's eyes immediately confirms this.

On 6 July, four tournaments took place at the same time and on 7 July, another three tournaments were held, which were accompanied by the coaches of the schools, the staff of the Office for Social Work and KEGON. 

Thorsten Fischer was able to referee the first day of the tournament. The children of the Freiherr-von-Stein- and Goethe-School teams listened to him with rapt attention. Not only did he explain the rules of the game, but above all the topic of fairness with the emphasis on having fun during the competition.

Even though there had to be a winner and a loser on the pitch, the KEGON snack brought a smile to everyone's faces after the game.

Match pairing on 06.07.2022

  • Bertha-von-Suttner-Schule and Grundschule Krautgarten 
  • Adalbert Stifter Schule and Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Schule 
  • Freiherr-von-Stein-Schule and Goethe-Schule
  • Gustav-Stresemann-Schule and Gebrüder-Grimm-Schule

Match pairing on 07.07.2022

  • Ludwig-Beck-Schule and Grundschule Sauerland 
  • Grundschule Klarenthal and Grundschule Schelmengraben
  • Riederbergschule and Anton-Gruner-Schule