Dr. René Hussong

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum vitae

René Hussong got his Ph.D. in Computer Science (M.Sc.) in 2010 from Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. Following interdisciplinary research with fellowships in the US and Luxembourg, Dr. Hussong is focusing on agile software and product development since 2013. He held positions as Product Owner, Scrum Master and Senior Project Manager – in scaled, agile environments, as well as in classical project settings.

Dr. Hussong is management consultant and partner at KEGON AG, validated SAFe® Practice Consultant (vSPC) und SAFe® Release Train engineer (RTE). Since 2023 he is head of KEGON AG’s Sales. He has coached and driven agile transformations with numerous, globally acting customers in various industry sectors.

Knowledge and key topics

  • Scaling, e.g. using SAFe®
  • Agile software and product development
  • Scrum and agile leadership
  • Agile transformation and transition
  • Coaching and training 

Project experiences (selection)

Various trainings and workshops at different customers, mostly focusing on the Scaled Agile Framework, Product Management and Organizational Development

Preparation and execution of standard trainings of Scaled Agile Inc.; design, preparation and execution of customer specific trainings and workshops in the context of several SAFe Transformations.

ERP & PLM migration project

  • SAFe® trainer, agile coach and management consultant

Intelligent energy transmission & distribution – a stepwise implementation of SAFe

  • Agile coach and management consultant
  • Creation of a context-specific, highly individual transformation roadmap
  • Coaching the LACE team

Global automotive supplier – Cross-domain SAFe® initiative

  • SAFe® trainer, coach und consultant
  • Co-training/-coaching with internal coaches

Energy Automation

  • SAFe® trainer and coach
  • ART preparation, launch and coaching
  • Preparation & execution of a fully virtual value stream workshop for multiple locations
  • Stepwise extension to a SAFe® Large Solution

Automobile manufacturer – SAFe® ART Launch 

  • SAFe® trainer and coach
  • ART identification and setup 

Global automotive supplier – SAFe® implementation

  • Analysis of existing implementation, preparation of multi-project scenarios, derivation and implementation of a change backlog, ART relaunch and restructuring of the PI planning, coaching the execution phases
  • Consulting & coaching w.r.t the OEM interface & the collaboration model
  • SAFe® trainings
  • Training and coaching of internal SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs)

Medical Engineering – SAFe® implementation

  •      SAFe® trainings on management and PO/PM-level to support on-boarding of employees

SAFe® Coaching at an international automotive supplier

  • Coaching of an individual large solution with two internationally active and distributed Agile Release Trains (ARTs)
  • Implementation of SAFe® Trainings

Agiles Coaching and consulting in a logistics company

  • Establishment of a new, agile project structure across distributed locations and several teams

Team Lead in an e-commerce direct insurance

  • Product Owner and Senior Project Manager
  • Scrum Master and Agile Coach
  • Project-specific implementations of agile scaling, using SAFe® Essential, partly in combination with a classic project environment

Agile Transformation in an IT Direct Insurance

  • Process design and change management
  • Introduction and development of agile teams (Scrum and Kanban)
  • Initiation of DevOps and development of continuous integration and test automation