Dr. Thorsten Janning

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Thorsten Janning is a graduate mathematician and has worked in the IT industry since 1990. His professional career as an architect and project manager led him through consulting and user companies as well as a university professorship into the consulting and training business.  As co-founder (in 2002) he is a partner and was a member of the board of KEGON AG until the end of 2017. His professional activities focus on the development of lean and agile organizations , as well as the implementation of leanagile strategy and portfolio processes. Thorsten brought his years of experience in innovative development technologies in a variety of publications and train-ing development and he was the editor-in-Chief of OBJEKTspektrum from 2012 to summer 2018. He is the first SAFe Program Consultant Trainer in Germany since 09/2016. As the firstGermanSAFe Fellow he is experienced counterpart for C-Level Management on their way in the digital future for their enterprises. 

Knowledge and focus

  • Agile organizations
  • Portfolio management
  • Strategy development

Project Experiences (Selection)

Agile Transformation of a global development organization

  • Management of the Agile change concept of the scaling approach
  • Training and coaching of the internal change agents
  • Coaching at PI Plannings
  • Training and coaching of the internal transformation agents

Management Coaching of the agile portfolio process at an international automotive company supplier

Agile strategy and portfolio process at a medium-sized software company

  • transformation coach
  • KEGON Strategy and Portfolio Process at Program Level

Agile transformation of the overall IT of a bank (development & IT operations)

  • Management of the agile change concept of the customer-specific scaling approach
  • Training and coaching of the internal change agents
  • Training and coaching of the teams
  • Management coaching

Transformation of a strategic software company

Agile transformation of the entire IT of a bank (development & IT operations)

  • Management of the agile change

Development program at an international logistics company

  • Head of the Agile Change Team
  • Overall concept
  • Training
  • Management Coaching
  • Management workshops for planning and agile transformation
  • Inventory of the situation
  • Short introduction of SAFe
  • Development of the future structure of the organization
  • Development of the transformation roadmap and the initial change backlog

Transformation of a Swiss bank Software house into an agile organization

  • Agilization Portfolio management and release management on the basis of SAFe
  • Transformation of the entire development on Scrum and Kanban
  • Overall concept and management coaching

International introduction of SAFe in a software house

  • Project management
  • Training and coaching of the Agile Center
  • Introduction in the US