Kurt Jäger

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Kurt Jäger has been working as a software engineer for 40 years. More than 10 years as a developer, architect, project manager, team leader and product manager at Software AG. Then another decade as development manager at TONBELLER AG. In this role, he was also responsible for the product manage-ment team. From 2008-2010 Kurt introduced Scrum company-wide. As business unit manager and agile coach, he helped customers of andrena objects ag to become agile. Since 2013 he has been an agile management consultant and partner of KEGON AG. He is certified Scrum Master and Practice Consultant for the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe Practice Consultant Trainer (SPCT) and since 2023 certified Profit Streams™ Trainer.

In the last 10 years he has advised and accompanied agile transitions at Audi, Berner Kantonalbank, BMW, Bosch, Commerzbank, CompuGroup Medical, Continental, CosmosDirekt, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, FUJITSU, Generali, GfK, Janssen, Porsche, Rewe, Roche, Schufa, SAG, SAP, Siemens, Société Générale and VW/CARIAD.

Knowledge and main topics

  • Agile & Lean Organizational development
  • Profit Streams™

  • Value Stream Management
  • Scaling Agile: SAFe, Less Nexus et.al.
  • Lean Process Optimization
  • Assessments 
  • Scrum & Kanban Coaching
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Portfolio Management
  • DevOps
  • Interim Management

Training and Project experience (selection)

Various trainings and workshops at different customers, mostly focusing on the Scaled Agile Framework, Product Management and Organizational Development

Preparation and execution of standard trainings of Scaled Agile Inc.; design, preparation and execution of customer specific trainings and workshops in the context of several SAFe Transformations.

Decision preparation SAFe Transformation for toom Baumarkt GmbH

Advising management on realignment of initial SAFe implementation.

  • Leading SAFe trainings with assessment
  • Value Stream Identification Workshop

Advising the management and the strategy & innovation management

Basic training for management and directors of Janssen Germany

  • Management integration 
  • Scrum pilot project
  • Value Stream Identification Workshop
  • Concepts for agile marketing and agile sales

Advising the management and the LACE team of FUJITSU Germany

Basic training for all FUJITSU executives in Germany..

  • Management and line integration
  • Scrum and SAFe pilot projects
  • Value Stream Identification Work Shops
  • SAFe Train Setup support

Advisory of the LACE team of CARIAD

Consulting of the central LACE HUB e.g. on

  • Consulting of the central LACE HUB e.g. on 
  • Business Owners and line integration
  • Agile hardware development 
  • Portfolio Management and Financial Control
  • Cross-Solution Management 
  • Value Stream Management 
  • OKR utilization

Agile coaching of the Catena-X project

Coordination of 4 consultants (SPCs) who each coached SAFe Trains and their RTE's and proposed Lean Portfolio Management

Valuestream Workshop and Agile Basics for WS Audiology Denmark A/S

  • Assessment and execution of a Value Stream Workshop according to SAFe
  • Teaching Agiles basics to middle management

Assessment of the portfolio of the Cantonal Bank of Bern 

  • Analysis of the Lean Portfolio implementation at Berner Kantonalbank
  • Assessment and suggestions for improvement for the further development of the portfolio

Agile consulting of the IT-SEC department at AUDI

  • Analysis of the department and consulting of the team leaders for team cut and introduction of Kanban and Lean methods
  • Introduction of a Kanban system from portfolio to teams
  • Various trainings, workshops and consulting activities department and team management as well as consulting of individual teams

SAFe introduction at Siemens AG Smart Infrastructure Digital Grid worldwide

  • Implementation of SAFe for a first Agile Release Train in development. Consulting for the integration of the train and the extension to SAFe in the business unit.
  • Various trainings, workshops and consulting with top and middle management

 SAFe introduction at the Nürnberger Insurance

  • Various workshops with the management of the bank on SAFe and its possibilities
  • Implementation of a SAFe4Executives workshop for the board
  • Value stream workshop for determining the train cut

Introduction of Lean Portfolio Management at AUDI

  • SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Workshop 
  • Coaching 
    o    Summarize features into epics
    o    Derive new epics from strategic themes using portfolio canvas
    o    Set up a portfolio Kanban
    o    Change in the meeting structure and decision-making processes in management

Introduction of group-wide SAFe conform Lean Portfolio Management at Commerzbank

  • LPM Workshop & Q&A
  • Coaching of portfolio group strategy and finance to set up an organization and processes for portfolio management

Development of an Agile Software product house at Meine Gesundheit GmbH

  • Workshops on the cooperation model of the participating companies
  • Introduction of Agile Product Management
  • Definition of Portfolio SAFe as cooperation model
  • Training and coaching of the participants
  • Top management workshop for the board members of the participating companies for the strategic orientation and control

Advising the IT of Porsche Sales on Agile Lean and SAFe 

  • Presentation of SAFe
  • Workshop definition of the team cut
  • Workshop on the definition of a backlog

Company-wide introduction of SAFe at Siemens Healthineers

  • Overall responsibility for the customer project
  • Coordination of the LACE Team
  • Lectures and organization of speakers
  • Agile management workshops for the BUs
  • Coaching of the employees of a software ART
  • Implementation of a train the trainer concept 
  • Various SAFe trainings and workshops

Advisor to the Audi sales department 

  • Training for PO's & SM's 
  • Product management and marketing line management
  • Coaching of HR & purchasing

Facilitation of a Value Stream Workshop to define an ART at Bosch

  • Training and moderation

Coaching the use of SAFe for the central platform of a globally operating Big Data company

  • International Train from D, GB, E & India
  • Training of an agile Release Train consisting of 70 employees
  • Moderation of the Big Planning Meetings
  • Moderation of the I&A Meetings
  • Coaching of the Requirements Engineering's for Portfolio and Program Backlogs

Management consulting in the introduction of SAFe in a large German logistics company

  • Workshops zu Leading SAFe und SAFe 4 Executives
  • Concept/Offer for the Introduction of a SAFe Pilot with Training and Coaching

Introduction of SAFe in a program at Audi

  • Coaching of the program leader/RTE's/PM
  • Introduction of SAFe
  • Moderation and coaching of the PI-Meetings
  • Support during the I&A meetings

Coaching SAFe Transformation of Generali Germany

  • Consulting of the LACE team
  • Consulting of various Agile Release Trains RTE's
  • Standard SAFe trainings

Accompaniment of R+V in an agile transition

  • Agile Workshop elaborated and carried out (to date 10% of all employees)
  • Agilisation of the largest program of the insurance company with approx. 200 FTE's
  • Coaching at Portfolio Backlog creation for all areas of insurance
  • Coaching of the business consultants and various specialist areas of insurance

Consulting the IT of Germany's largest food company on the agile orientation

  • Presentation of SAFe
  • Analysis and improvement of the requirements engineering process
  • Coaching of various agile process optimizations in a direct insurance workshop with IT
  • Area managers of direct insurance

Coaching of various agile process optimisations at Cosmos Direkt Versicherung

  • Workshops with IT department heads of the direct insurance company
  • Coaching of an agile transition in all areas of IT

Coaching of an agile transition in all areas of IT coaching of an agile transition in a German bank

  • Workshops for value analysis and backlog creation
  • Coaching of the transition end2end specialist area to IT communication of the transition in the entire company GF to employee

Coaching of three agile teams of the largest German credit agency

  • Coaching of the project, the stakeholders, the head of development and the head of IT
  • Basis Training and Special Training e.g. integration of BAs and testers into the team
  • Self-organisation of the teams, e.g. in the Daily
  • Introduction of Jira for the project and for the departments

Scaling concept Agile Methods for development and Product Management of the largest German credit agency

  • Concept development for a horizontal agile scaling
  • Moderation of workshops 

Concept for agile requirements management at a German insurer

  • Workshops & concept development for an optimized requirements analysis
  • Mapping of weak points to agile methods
  • Change backlog creation

Assessment of a development department for a worldwide web presence in the automotive industry

  • Optimization of market integration
  • Moderation and preparation of a SWOT-Analysis of the core processes in four divisions
  • Defining possible development paths of the organization in order to adapt promptly to the changes in the energy market
  • Graduation of motivation in the areas
  • Presentation of results to the division and company management