Manuel Marsch

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 20 50 80

Curriculum Vitae

Manuel Marsch has a degree in information management (Berufsakademie Mannheim) and has worked for many years in different roles as a developer, system administrator, test manager and project manager. He has worked in different companies ranging from small enterprises to very large enterprises in several in-dustrial sectors.

Since 2009, he has dedicated himself to agile and has carried out many agile projects in different environments as a Scrum Master or Product Owner. In the meantime, he works as an agile coach, SAFe consultant and trainer, but has always kept his enthusiasm for technology and programming and is always a friend of small, working solutions, even in corporations. Manuel has been a member of the Executive Board of KEGON AG since 1.1.2024.

Knowledge and main topics

  • Agile and classic project management
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Requirements management
  • IT security and architecture
  • Software testing and optimization
  • Application development and architecture (client/server applications and Internet applications and system landscapes)

Project Experience (Selection)

Various trainings and workshops at different customers, mostly focusing on the Scaled Agile Framework, Product Management and Organizational Development

Preparation and execution of standard trainings of Scaled Agile Inc.; design, preparation and execution of customer specific trainings and workshops in the context of several SAFe Transformations.

International vehicle manufacturer (non-passenger car)

  • Support of the Agile Transformation, starting with the development organization for new electric large-capacity vehicles from kick-off to the first PI-Plannings (2 ARTs with approx. 80 participants each 6/10 teams) as SAFe Coach and Management Consultant, afterwards SAFe deepening and setup of further ARTs and setup of a Lean Portfolio Management instead of project organization
  • Accompaniment of the change of the organizational structure from a classical to an Agile organization and coaching of the top management

German state development bank

  • Support of the portfolio management in the Agile Transformation with the introduction of a tool-supported Agile Portfolio Management (approx. 20 Agile Release Trains/approx. 400 MA) as Management Consultant

Charitable association

  • Preparation of a first PI-Planning (ART with approx. 50 participants) and coaching of the RTE as SAFe Coach in a NON-IT environment
  • Preparation and execution of further PI-Plannings

Startup from the field of "new energy”

  • Advising the management on the reorganization of a program and project structure into an Agile re-lease train (approx. 70 participants) as SAFe coach and management consultant

Medium-sized machine builder

  • Education and training of techn.
  • Architects (System, Solution, Enterprise) as SAFe Coach in the hardware environment

Medium-sized electronics company

  • Education and training of technical architects (system, solution, enterprise) as SA-Fe coach in the hardware environment (electronics) for the preparation of1. PI planning

Large German Direct Bank

  • Conversion/modernization of a complex technical system landscape as Technical Consultant and Process Consultant
  • Coordination with 10 participating Squads (Teams) in several Tribes

Giant German Rail Network Operator

  • Map of the IT portfolio process from idea to commissioning as Agile Coach and Management Consultant for different project constellations (Classics, Agile, supplier project) in JIRA and coaching of portfolio management as well as development of meaningful metrics and reports on this

Large German rail network operator

  • Introduction of a scaled agile setup with several Scrum/Kanban teams and higher program level as agile coach with a total of approx. 50 participants

Large German rail network operator

  • Introduction of a configuration of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 4.0 as SAFe-Consultant/Coach for 3 Agile Release Trains with a total of approx. 150 participants