Peter Schnell

Management Consultant

Tel +49 611 205080

Curriculum Vitae

Peter Schnell is a graduate computer scientist and has been working in the IT industry since 1994. His professional career has taken him from IT project management for an insurance company to the consulting and training business and finally to the management of an IT division. His focus is on agile coaching, agile transitions, management of classic and agile projects in the banking and insurance sector, interim and personnel management. He has contributed his many years of experience to a large number of lectures and publications. Peter has been a member of the Executive Board of KEGON AG since 1.1.2024

Knowledge and focus

  • Agile Transformation
  • Transition and Change Management
  • Training and Coaching
  • Interim Management
  • Management 3.0
  • Cloud and enterprise architecture in a regulated environment
  • Testmanagement

Project Experiences (Selection)

Various trainings and workshops with different clients as well as at conferences, mostly with a focus on the basics of agility, Scrum, Kanban, Leadership and Management 3.0

Hospital network - Coaching and support of agile software development processes

  • Coaching and support of the Scrum Master, of the product owner, of the development team and of the IT department manager
  • Accompanying the sprint reviews
  • Deepening the knowledge of agile techniques (roles, processes, responsibilities, ...) and Scrum in workshops
  • Support in the creation of the backlog and prioritisation of the backlog items
  • Management reflection 

Public radio and television - Coaching and project support

  • Conducting a workshop to develop an agile project setup
  • Conducting workshops to deepen the knowledge of agile techniques (roles, processes, responsibilities, ...) and Scrum, on product vision and team workshops
  • Coaching and support of the Scrum Master, of the product owner and of the developement team 
  • Supporting sprint reviews and refinements

Technology Group, Automotive - Coaching Leadership in SAFe Implementation 

  • Support in the preparation of the Leadership Camp
  • Implementation of the Leadership Camp and introduction to the topic of leadership
  • Introduction to Management 3.0
  • Conducting smaller workshops in interactive formats such as LEGO4Scrum and LEGO SeriousPlay®.
  • Accompaniment and coaching of managers in the Leadership working group
  • Support in the development of a change vision
  • Preparation and implementation of the final workshop with the managers of the division
  • Conducting a world café on the topic of leadership in cooperation with the executives

Group Energy Trading & Logistics - Interim IT Manager

  • Representation of the division management
  • Personnel and technical management of the team leaders (on an interim basis)
  • Agile coaching of the managers in the area
  • Introduction of agile basics in the division
  • Introductory workshop Management 3.0 with the managers of the division
  • Coaching on Management 3.0
  • Basic workshops on Scrum and Kanban
  • Conducting collaboration workshops with IT and business
  • Conducting retrospectives
  • Conducting Magic Estimation Workshops with business and IT
  • Support for the introduction of product owners
  • Support of architecture reviews

Bank of the German Motor Trade - IT Management

  • Set-up and management of IT department

  • Personnel management Managers and staff units

  • Successful execution of two agile transitions

  • Introduction of Management 3.0

  • Responsible for architecture, IT infrastructure, test management and the front and back office departments

  • Development of the cloud infrastructure of the BDK

  • Introduction of an enterprise architecture

  • Introduction of Jira and Confluence

  • Agile Evangelist of the BDK

Bank – Interims Management

  • Interim personnel management of 24 employees
  • Interim Department Head
  • Introduction/Coaching Agility
  • Conflict Management
  • Development and recruiting of employees

Insurance - Project Management / Coaching

  • Head of SEPA project life insurance
  • Technical project management in various classical projects
  • Overall project management POS system for life insurance
  • Numerous system analysis tasks in the field of life and health insurance
  • Assumption of test management responsibility
  • Coaching employees in the project management environment