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Agile transformation of a large insurer

Client: Large German insurance company

Initial situation: 

A large German insurance company wants to further expand its strong position as an innovative insurer. To this end, the Management Board decides to further develop its employees in order to increase the company's agility. To this end, Personnel Development organizes company-wide training courses on agile and lean as well as SAFe and coaching workshops on agility. 

The aim is to open up a significant proportion of employees to agile experiments. 

The KEGON solution:

In a first step, 10 percent of the total workforce should develop a homogeneous understanding of lean and agility. This understanding should lead to the entire workforce considering an agile approach in insurance processes, projects and programs. KEGON and HR Development have developed the workshops iteratively & incrementally. 

The second goal is to promote bottom-up projects rather than top-down ones. This strengthens the acceptance of new ideas among employees and increases their identification with the agile culture.
At the end of the process, employees in the company applied to carry out agile transformation with their projects.