SAFe Telecommunication

Execution of several SAFe® for Architects in-house trainings

Customer: Large German telecommunications group

Initial situation:

With the roles "SAFe® Enterprise Architect", "SAFe® Solution Architect" and "SAFe® System Architect", the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) defines explicit roles that deal with architecture and Build-In-Quality for large projects/products. In the course of a corporate SAFe® transformation, over 100 classical architects were trained to become SAFe® architects.  

The KEGON solution:

The SAFe® is the only agile-scaled framework with the three different architect roles on the 3 SAFe® levels (Portfolio, Large Solution and Program), offering responsibility for the introduction and development of high technical quality, which is a key success factor for large products in large companies. Even though these SAFe® architect roles have an explicit responsibility for Build-In-Quality, they do not assign this topic to the agile teams developing the Solution, but work on this topic together with the technical and process-related roles as a team of architects, and are to be seen as an internal coach, consultant and trainer rather than as a supervisor.
As the correct filling of the architect roles in SAFe® transformations is a major challenge, as now not only technical experience and skills are required, but also business understanding and strong soft skills in moderation, communication and conflict management, the customer decided to have about 100 employees trained as SAFe® architects by the experienced trainers of KEGON AG.
For this purpose, several SAFe® for Architects in-house training courses were conducted by experienced KEGON SAFe® trainers in 2019.
The trainers used here not only have many years of SAFe® experience, but also have in-depth technical experience in software and system architecture and coding experience, so that they can also explain practical questions of the participants in a comprehensible way outside the SAFe® concepts.

Further information on the very interesting SAFe® Architect Training can also be found in the blog post at: