Agile Organization Software

Installation of product management and change support in the teams

Client: Software development house

Initial situation: 
From the development of individual components for a larger solution (collaboration platform), has become over time imperceptibly its own product, but still conceived, designed and developed in 3-4 independent teams. The independence of the teams has gradually dissolved, interaction between the components during changes complicate the work and massively reduce customer satisfaction.
The goal is to find a way of working that on the one hand strengthens the product, on the other hand preserves the freedom of the teams as much as possible and fits the rather cool and lean company culture.

The KEGON solution:

First, a structure is found for the content alignment of the teams, a kind of product management with the product owners of the teams and a product manager. This work succeeds relatively quickly. An alignment with the management is established, in which the product is discussed in a strategy workshop.
In addition to the technical alignment, a kind of overarching Scrum Master is installed, who installs overarching agile ceremonies similar to those of the teams, only for the Team of Teams structure. 
KEGON accompanies these changes on the content and methodological level for a few weeks/working days to ensure that these structures are installed appropriately large and flexible and do not accidentally mutate into control structures. These should continue to encourage bottom-up design of the product rather than top-down imposition. This promoted acceptance of new things among employees and increased identification with the structural changes. The second goal was to initiate a lively improvement process. 
This has been so successful that one employee who worked in this area withdrew his resignation and remained with the company.