Energy Agile Organization SAFe

SAFe@Energy Provider

Client: Energy service provider

Scaled Agile Framework as a structuring model in the ongoing agile transformation of an energy discounter

Initial situation: 

The company works with a relatively low vertical range of manufacture, which in any case leads to a relatively large number of interfaces in both operations and development. With the introduction of agile working methods, a large number of autonomous teams were installed, both on the business side and on the IT side. This has led to an increase in the number of interfaces and thus to an increase in coordination costs and a slowdown in the ability to deliver and change. These complex work structures also significantly worsened the transparency of development issues.
With the first step of agile transformation, exactly the opposite of what is expected from agile transformation was achieved.

The industry is strongly regulated, a unique position can ultimately only be created through differentiation in customer contact, through a modern and innovative user experience. This requires a smooth delivery pipeline. 

SAFe will bring together the specialist departments and development service providers that previously worked separately in the program. Planning and collaboration across suppliers and departments is coordinated by a joint SAFe product management system.

The KEGON solution: 

Instead of individual, independent requirements from several business agile teams to several development service providers with Scrum Teams and complicated communication between the POs of both sides (n:m), the program is now working on clear goals and an overarching vision. The result is a prioritized program backlog that is transparent to everyone and makes the implementation plans comprehensible to all parties involved and outstanding. The team backlogs remain the responsibility of the teams. The user stories illustrate the competent solutions of the developers. 

In joint PI planning meetings, the suppliers and specialist departments, who previously communicated too little with each other, plan implementation and acceptance in order to deliver agile and incrementally more effective results.

Alignment, commitment, transparency and the joint work in planning and implementation of the joint plan release good energies and motivation of all participants. 
The first small success stories and a high level of transparency in the development process have already been realized in the very first PI.